Mar 27, 2008

Weekend Gateway

To all of you: divers, non divers, water sport-ers, or even the free saturday-ers with no schedule to be booked... please, feel free to join me on my weekend gateway: the water sport exhibition!! It'll be held on 28-30 March 2008 at Jakarta Convention Center, time:...well, i don't know the exact time, but i can assure you they already open at 11am or maybe 12pm...

If you're lucky enough, you will find me strolling at the exhibiton with my sister, (or maybe with Merdi), to only buy new wet suit and Mask! Yeah.. i soooo need to buy the new 3mm Mares wetsuit! It's not that i'm a big fans of Mares, but compare with Scubapro, i can say that Mares is more affordable, unexpensive and even more chic... (oh yes i'm so not gonna buy the US$400 Scubapro! My dad will kill me if he knows i spent such amounts only for 1 un-chic wetsuit!)....

Check this out for more information: deep Indonesia

We have made Mother Earth sick, now it's time hand in hand to save our mother..

Well, don't forget to bring your cash/creditcard/atm card/or maybe just a camera... and i'll see you there folks!

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