Feb 20, 2013

DIY - Tristan' Room

I've been busy doing tristan DIY bedroom fro the past 2 weeks and it hasn't finished yet. My goal is to revamp his plain and boring bedroom into Nautical theme and should be finished before mid march.

The original idea was pirates room. But during the project runs, i changed my mind and choose more mature theme since i think it'll last for at least in the next four years. But even though it's a nautical, i still put some pirates stuff as decoration.

Using the art as my color guide, i choose a beautiful tomato red, light blue and creme as my base color. The idea was from one of Samantha Pynn's design on her port folio (watched her show couple months ago on HGTV and i was struck with her idea). These colors create a nautical tone effect.

I started with painting one side of his room with stripes pattern; red, light blue and creme. I added white color as dividing line from one color to another. It gives bright effects. Since his room is too small, i decided to paint the stripes more bigger than samantha pynn's design, so that, we feel wider effect and comfortable.

I drew other nautical mural on the other wall, a compass rose, and added 4 white frames of nautical and pirates photos on each side of the compass (sorry, i haven't took photos of it, will update it soon). While on the headboard side wall, i (will) put a large world map wallpaper. a perfet idea to complete the nautical atmosphere in his room.. *unfortunetally, wallpaper was out of stock, and but we have ordered it and will be delivered to us in a couple of weeks, that'swhy i can't share picture in here*.

I dont want to make this room too colorful, so i let the creme color to the other remaining wall. A large wardrobe will cover half of the wall, anyway.

Kid room means more storage box for toys. So i re-used his old clothes drawer, did some DIY, painted it white and transfered it into a storage box and book shelf.

It was so much fun working a DIY Project and to bring nautical inspired design to his room.