Dec 4, 2008

Start counting the day....

...and SEVEN DAYS TO GO!! tick..tock.tick..tock..tick..

i am soon to be Mrs. M. Murti sengihnampakgigi

Nov 21, 2008

Tweak Me Baby!

My big day is less than a month... My life will soon to be changed as well, and one of those would be: it’ll take me a while to adjust to the fact that I need to sign papers with Mrs. instead of Miss.

tick tock tick tock tick tock... aaaaahh... I feel emotionally unstable and i have a tendency to blow my brains out like a ticking timebomb..

What to do?? what to do????

Oct 22, 2008

Tergila-Gila... (as in literaly GILA)

my mom alwyas said "dont wait until tomorrow what you can do today".
dan sekarang gw nyesel kenapa ngga pernah dengerin nasihat orang tua.

Let see, my big day is less then 2 month. One and a half, actually. And i haven't do anything good for that! It's not that i dont have the-so-called "wedding planner" or whatsoever.. In fact, i did buy it dengan NIAT SUCI, but the result is i was never coret-coret or even put the "x" symbol on the checklist! (FYI, i did make a good sketch of cat in that book though sengihnampakgigi). Bukannya nggak ada waktu, tapi MALAS! Err.. not a correct word, actually.., HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. yes, thats the correct words! Blah! Me so stupid! what was i thinking selama ini, santai-santai goyang-goyang kaki, and spent all my weekend doing NOTHING. Plus, fokus kepecah 2 antara kerjaan kantor dan my big day. Lately, i'm the only one Legal in my company, since my boss is the chairman of Team Fraud.. dan entah kenapa akhir2 ini banyak bgt fraud yg terjadi. While me, i have to backup everything ralated to Legal thingies... Yah bikin report to board of directors/commissioners, drafting contracts, even sedikit-sedikit kecipratan kasus fraud. Ha ha ha my world is goin up and down!

So okay, i know that i need to mengejar waktu (even pake sistem kebut semalam bila perlu).. and last week, i finally managed to met those mba-mba from wedd decoration, which hopefully the layout will be finalized by the end of Oct.
In addition, im sooo thankful that Gaga (who happens to be my future bro in law) worked in this famous event organizer in Jakarta, so there, we can leave it to Gaga for those tetek-bengek urusan acara, the music, the MC, etc etc, kumplit the whole pacakge. Pfff....

The invitation card, the souvenirs, etc, etc.. if you wanna know the updated process, NONE OF THEM yang sudah di urus. Yeaa..yeaa.. i know, everyone i know sad "Are you out of your mind?!?" Your big day is less than 2 months, and you haven't order one of them?!

(Ini sedang dikerjakan kok disainnya.. I made the design though jelir )

So, finally we met the printing guys yesterday, and he said it takes a month or lesss (since this printing guy who owned those fabulous machine is one of my BF's bestfriend) to finish the complete process.
Let see...
The Fact : I got A MONTH, or less.
Means : invitation cards will be done (hopefully) on third week of Nov.
In practice :card invitation should be received by guest at the latest 2
weeks before the big day.
my (weak & quick) calculation : Ok, i have enough times to sebar-sebar itu undangan.

No worries!

And the souvenir... well, i had this quick browse last week in pasar tebet (got the recomendation from my friends), dan finally sudah menjatuhkan pilihan hati pada sebuah benda kecil yang shiny (oooooh i'm sooooo not gonna tell you here yah! ha ha ha). The price isn't too expensive.. quite competitive, i must say. And of course, it happened after we bargained here and there sama si mba-mbanya plus typical rayuan maut from my BF, which makes the price droped into 30% or less. Again, hopefully, i will be able to meet the mbak-mbak to make the down payment this saturday.

Ok, 3 issues solved.

What next.. hmmm.. *think..think..think*rindu

Oh, ofcourse! the place and the food/catering. No worries. Since my big day will be held at hotel ballroom, thus, i have no worries about the foods. Nggak perlu cari-cari ketering or doin' food terster sana sini dengan catering'ers. Besides, i have made the down payment with that hotel. The only thing i need to do is food-picking (is this the right words? whatever..) from the menu. Ofcourse, they provide food tester, but again, i'm 100% sure this kind of hotel will provide good food.

Pre-wed Photo? Will be done on first week of nov. I have this superb photographer (who also happens to be my Dive Buddy). Tadinya niat mo foto underwater sambil diving... tapiiii.. if i do that, bisa di sepak sama bokap gw! ... even worse, im sure my dad will kill me!
*Geee i wonder terbang sampe mana gw kalo di sepak bokap...ha ha ha*

The last but not least, the dress... ooh ya THE DRESS.. THE HORROR ONE, which still membuat gw sakit kepala berat dan dag dig dug dengan hasilnya nanti. Why?? Coz i finally have time to go to the panjaitan (read: taylor) LAST SATURDAY to "ukur-mengukur badan" (heck! i dont know the english word!).
Well, everyone i know (even the dress maker) said, you should go there at least 3 months berfore your big day! Sekarang waktunya mepet gilak!
Tapi gw punya alasan sendiri:
Frankly speaking, gw takut gendut! Yes, i gained so much weight for the past 4 months! And if i doing this ukur-mengukur 3 months before the day, either the dress won't fit me in or i will look like babi piaraan! A BIG FAT PIG (and its not even cute). Crap! in the other hand, designing those dresses is not that simple as well. I can't decided what kind of dress i'll wear on my big day. Since my dad has no the-so-called "tradition" or "adat", thus i have to jungkir balik to decide the theme (the whole theme), including for the dress. Yeaaah thanks to my herritage and my dad who has made me "sakit kepala", just to only fine "pake adat apa dong yah??" gelakguling

My very best friends (they know who they are senyumkenyit) once said, you should wear Dutch traditional Wedding costume.. or even a white wedding gown just like those "bule-bule pakai". And i was like.. WHAT.....??? Seriously! I ain't gonna be a Dutch Lady on my big day (bayangkan: gambar dutch lady yang ada di kaleng susu cap bendera or whatsoever)! ... Or even worse, the white gown will make us (the whole family) looked like conducting a chineese wedding. (Big sory..sory.. and soooo soryyyy.. it's not that i'm being racist here. White gown is GOOD! nothing wrong with that. But most of chinesee people in indonesia usually wears that.. and i'm affraid it'll make people think i have chineese blood. Or even worse, some of my families will "protes-protes ngga jelas" hanya karena tradisi white gown udah menjadi part of chineese tradition di Indonesia.
You know.... BIG FAMILIES RULES! Apalagi orang batak, banyak kali pun sodaranya... Belum puas kalo belum bawa 1 kompi,

So, after seeing my gals and heading home, i (as well as my BF) decided that it's gonna be "international-traditional theme". You know, a black-formal-tux for the men, and modern-kebaya-gown for the girls... or i must say "kebaya banci" (imagne that: kebaya-gown! Kebaya apa gaun sih..? ha ha ha). You guys will see later ya si kebaya banci itu....
So, fair enough! Regarding that my BF is 100% indonesia, while me (the bride with no "adat istiadat") is descended from... what... Belgium-Dutch-Poland-Batak. whatever!
So, hopefully, by the end of nov, all my dresses sudah finalized doa

Anyway, who would've thought wedding can be stressful?
Another sample of the word used in a sentence would be: "Normally, I would enjoy every lil thing from wed preparation. But this is just sad."

This is the lesson i've learn this year: "Don't wait until tommorow what you can do today"
(yeaa yeaa i'm sure my mom will right away say.. "I TOLD YOU SOO.." if she knows this post.

Ok, i will update later. Need to talk to my BF now. So many things need to be discussed.

ps: sorry if you found no coherence between the subject and my mumbo jumbo.. and muchas gracias for reading this post cium

Oct 17, 2008

October Wishes

17 oct 2008:

I'm gettin' old again.

And gettin' old is a BASTARD! *sigh*

...bijna vergeten maar zag het net nog op de kalender...

Sep 19, 2008



Perfect: to a certain extent, YES. hahaha

Tall: i wish i was 170

In your pajamas: i dont wear pajama since 12 years old ;p

Left handed: i can deal with both


Friend you saw: either tyo or keke

Talked to on the phone: indira

Person to text you: my baby :)

Is today better than yesterday: i believe tommorrow will be much better.. TGIF yay!


Number: se7en

Color: red

Food: TGIF's burger & quisadellas

Place: 30m under surface ;p


Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
checked my alarm and mumbled "oh shit im late again!"

Q: Do you have anything bothering you in theaters?
yes, peoples who talk loudly enough to be heard three rows away in theatre and reserving your most “incisive” comments for the movie. BAH can't deal with dat!

Q: Where is the last place you went?
PTCL head office

Q. Do you smile a lot?
i guess i do

Q: Do you wish upon stars?
naaah that's for toddlers ;p

Q: Are you a friendly person?
to a certain extent, yes again hihihi

Q: Where did you sleep last night?
my bedroom

Q: Why did you sleep there?
excuse me but that's where my bed is, huh.

Q: When was the last time you cried?
totally forgot

Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep last night?
again, forgot.. i dont do silly things like that laaaa

Q: Rate life as of right now, one being bad, ten being great?
11.. gotcha!

Q: What do you hear right now?
jimmy kimmel

Q: Does anything hurt you right now?

Q: What's your favorite month?
its not about the month, but more into "tanggal gajian" ;p


Are you missing someone right now?
my baby

Are you single?

Are you tired?
mentally tired


Real name: ---
Age: old enough
Eye color: dark brown
Zodiac sign: libra
Male or female: you think??
Crushing: matt damon ;p
Smart: define smart
Hair color: deep honey
Sweats or Jeans: totally denim!
Phone or Camera: canon D40 ;p
Health freak: too lazy to work my ass out here!
Define your self : too good to be true ;p


First best friend: 5y.o bestfriend, wanda+tresian.. maan such a long time ago!

First award: swimming competition..yeah i was good back then

First enemy: totally forgot

First pet: doggie howser, my st.bernard dog.

First vacation: s'pore 1983


Eating: almond chocolate
Drinking: tea
Listening to: still jimmy kimmel
Plans for tommorow: loungin' with my baby
Waiting for: GAJIAN!!! woohooo...


Lips or eyes: depends which one is more sexier ;p

Shorter or taller: should be more taller than me.. i dont date midgets ;p

Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous is way much better than "mehe-mehe"

Sensitive or loud: LOUDY!

Hook-up or in a relation ship: if u ask me 3 years ago, i will definetally say "hook up dong aaah" ;p


Drank bubbles: holly mowlly...i might be crazy but not insane!

Lost glasses/contacts: i did, once. and tell me the purpose of this question again..???

Ran away from home: huh???

Broken someone's heart: guilty with no particular reason. sorry sedih

Been arrested: just "kena tilang speeding" in Caltex Camp yang sangat tertib ituuuu!


Sep 1, 2008

La Vida Loca!

I found this photo in Inun's Face Book.. (that's what i love about facebook thingies, you can tag your self, anytime, anywhere), and i realized how i miss those good 'ol days so much, indeed.

This picture was taken around mid 2006 (or 2005?? forgive me, i don't remember the exact yearsengihnampakgigi ) in Setia Budi Apartement in Jl. Setia Budi Bandung, which was right before our status banyak yang berubah menjadi "yummy mommy" hihihihi.. Turned out, ini juga merupakan last party kami, disaat semua belum punya tanggung jawab hidup yang berat, dimana kerja hanya untuk sekedar syarat lulus S.H. (saelaaaaaaa....).

The theme was "back to the kojo" alias "kembali ke jaman baheula", where all of us HARUS memakai baju KEBANGSAAN waktu kuliah (a.k.a baju yang paling sering dipake jaman kuliah).... and as you can see here, that green cardigan was one of my fave mengingat kuliah jam 7 pagi di bandung = udara di awal spring di Eastborune jelir. Sama aja mati beku! (me miss eastbourne.. me miss eastbourne...HIKS!)

*klik foto untuk diperbesar*

And as you can see here (again), look at those smile.. we were look sooooo damn happy!!! I can still remember it like it was yesterday where life much more simple and easier. I wish i could turn back the hands of time.... (*sigh* my emotin has got the best of me)

Note: Gw baru sadar.. i was pretty much "putih" back than yaaa...hahahaha! Ternyata dive activities realy turned me into GOSONG... (mamaaaaaaaa I soooo need to be "putih" again at least sampe december...huaaaaaaaaaaanangih).
I'm so fucked up! OH CRAP!

Note lagi: Pake Ja wha, Tje fuk, apa Tul jie ya? gelakguling

Aug 26, 2008

Becoming "L-Size"

I had a long stare at myself in the mirror today. No no.. not in the admiring way but more on the HATE way. I can NOT accept the fact that i'm gained weight now. Even my boyfriend noticed that, he said "baby if you realized, you gained a lil weight now..." nangih (boy.. never said that such thing to a woman yah, specialy when they are in PMS period!)

Do you know how depressing i am when i look into the mirror and to only fine a "not so hot woman" looking back at me, which is clearly my self? tension

So, okay. I'm officialy getting fat. Big deal!

Aug 25, 2008

Living in the Virtual World

This might sound silly, but have you ever give a thought about how people now are living in a virtual world? I did. Core example:

I was recently sitting in a cafe with my boyfriend in the lobby of a newly opened coffee shop, having a cup of machiato. While waiting for our meal come, i watched a couple pass our table. They had just come out from one of those shops together and were holding hands, but the woman was talking to someone else on the cell phone. It was a weird sight. Here was a woman engaging in conversation with someone who wasn't there while holding hands with the man she was ignoring. It set me to thingking about how people spend their time in an increasingly "virtual" world, one in which our immediate experiance of the moment is being overtaken by gadgets.

I'm not planning to be the Dalai Lama nor Zen Master, but I did sometimes thingking about Life and Living, such as "what it is to be alive in this world without gadget or other virtual thingies, like how those monks living in Lhasa, what was it like?"
And my answer is: in the 21st century, dwelling in that timeless will take a lot more effort.

Just a random thought from my mind. This has nothing to do with Zen.

Aug 17, 2008

..i never knew that love is a grief and a barestone..

Aug 16, 2008

another trivia

3 posts in a day.... teeeheeee!

1. what's one thing you regret not doing?:
" not getting the studying visa for my master in Nederlands when I had the chance". I'll be taking that one to the grave, hiks..

2. Have you ever googled you own name? How did you feel about the result?

"well, there are two results, one is from my previous office (a boring lawfirm) which still haven't delete my personal data after 3years i resigned, and the second one is from my previous univ. How do I feel about this... well, frankly i don't like the way they still using my name as an associate lawyer in that frikin' firm".

3. What books did you love as a child?
"Anything from little house on the prarie, asterix (still love them till now), Snow white and anything from Hans Christian Andersen. I could go on more.. I read a lot as a child!"

4. What was your very first job?
"I was a lemonade girl. Me and my other girls sell lemonade to the boys who played baseball when I was in elementary. It was one crazy summer and fun!!

5. You've been through on the desert with horse with no name. What is it?
"Well, I never horse riding on the desert. but i would name it with 'heidi'. yes, it is from one of my childhood fave character by Johanna Spyri. I always dream for a white-brown-spotted-American-Indian-horse'."

6. What movie can you qoute by heart?
"cluless and Empire Records.... Sad but true."

7. How many languages can you speak? Wich language can you read or understand?
"In order of proficiency:
-Bahasa and English --> which I speak fluently =)
- Dutch
- German (a few words, considering it came from the same root with Dutch)
- I can read Arabian since I read the Holy Qur'an but I have to consult the "tafsir".
- Indonesian traditional language such as "Batak, Minang and little bit Sunda" which it usually comes back after a while.

8. What's your favorite vacation destination?

"woohooo.. so many places. My favorite places in this country are sea garden of Bunaken and Raja Ampat. otherwise, Hainut-Belgium, Monaco, Copacobana-Brazil, Malorca-Spain to only find a good spot for dive!


** actually i posted this couple years ago in fs. And now, i realy want to check how far i have live my life..

Have I lived life? Is it already worth dying? Hell, no! In my point of view, one would have lived life if one has:

1. Been fat once upon a time
2. Sky dived
3. Gave birth and experienced parenthood
4. Visit
Cuba and smoke Cuban's cigar
5. Tasted fame & fortune
6. Jammed with Daft Punk
7. Driven a Hummer
8. Been on stage humiliating oneself -> checked
9. Experienced Whale watching in
san juan
10. Joined gay parade is
San Francisco -> checked
11. Played in forrest and fire during childhood -> checked
12. Scuba dived in sea garden -> checked checked checked!
13. Sacrified for someone, somebody, anything
14. Party hard in
Mexico with Tequila and nachos for free
15. Been madly in love -> checked
16. Joined greenpeace and sailed for 5 months with the member
17. Volunteered in Refugee camp
18. Been in front of Ka'bah -> checked
19. Kicked my Boss's ass -> checked
20. owned my own business
21. Drunk in
22. Consumed somthing one won't normally do
23. Been contributing to my parents’ retirement plan
24. Been heartbroken -> checked
25. Went to Hainut-Belgium and found out who all my relativs are
26. Hospitalized for atleast 3 days -> checked
27. Backpack around the world -> checked although it was actually travelling with "kopor" instead of backpack
28. Broke the law -> checked
29. See a baseball game at Yankee stadium
30. Spent a night in haunted house -> checked. nothing happened. realy.
31. Crossed Rusia on the trans-Siberian railway

crappy blog o'mine

My blog doesn't really make any sense, does it? Whenever I'd check other's blogs, their posts would make me say "wow" or "I'd never thought of that" or "that's funny". Some make really good posts and others compensate with choppy sentences with a load of images in their posts... Unfortunately my posts do not comply with these two... ok I think I just found out why I can't make proper blog posts... I just lack coherence..! nangih

Aug 14, 2008

while the time goes tick..tock...

..... I'm longing for another dive!

by the end of this month, perhaps...?? Sanghyang? Sepa? or any closer spot lah...!

I just came back from Bandulu last week, but no dive spot in there. How sad!

Jul 27, 2008

Lawyers Gone Mad @ DUFAN

(RG, Ina, Rena, Merdi, Me, Eca, Andi, Lusi, Anton, Ote, Epi, Esther, Na Rae)

*work hard, PLAY HARD!*

Jul 18, 2008

Lembeh Anyone??

Wow, friday already!!!
My posts are getting less and less I know. Only 1 post in a month, or 2 if you get lucky jelir

Anyway.. I'm going to Lembeh and Bunaken (Manado) for another dive trip this August... and the ticket has been booked! Thank's to Dina , the owner of Batavia Air (who happens to be my dive buddy) for giving me special rate on airline ticket sembah

Wooohooo.. just can't wait to see what lies beneath Lembeh! Another sensations are waiting down there celebrate

Jul 11, 2008

Just a thought

How do people choose their final words? Do they realize they gravity? Or are they fated to be wise?
To some of people, this might sound simple, yet silly. But i did think about what will it be when our time comes. Some had died young, and some had been given a chance to grow old before a disease or an accident took them away. But we'll all end up at the same stage afterwards.

Today, as we walk off from our friend's funeral, a friend of mine said: " it's... as if she knew she was going to die.."

At some point, i got her point.

Jun 25, 2008

Look Who's Back On The Business!

Woohoooo... NKOTB rocks!!

Jun 21, 2008

this is what we do in depth 30m...

*Batu Kelebit, Tulamben - Bali. Dive at 30m depth... It was fcking deeper but fckin awsoooome!*
(semakin dalam nyelam, semakin beraneka ragam binatang yang bisa diliat, specially big fish. Untuk pertama kalinya gw ketemu blacktip shark dan very excited at the moment i saw it. Kebanyakan orang selalu mikir "serem kalo ada hiu dilaut", tapi kenyataannya 180 derajat berbeda kalo udah berada dibawah laut. Hiu itu nggak seseram yang kita bayangkan, infact once you seen that creature, you will be amazed untuk bisa ngeliat dan berada dengan THE REAL SHARK sedekat itu... In sum, i just loooove diving di laut dalam dan berinteraksi dengan biota2 laut terutama big fish!)

*USS Liberty Wreck... Great Team of Us! Can you spot which one is me??*
(ternyata ada yah kapal perang segede gaban di dasar laut!! Itu yang pertama kali ada di otak gw ketika nyelam di bangkai kapal perang Amerika, USS Liberty yang karam di Tulamben. At firts, gw agak2 serem dan shock ngeliat bangkai kapal segede bagong yang ditutupi karang2. Agak degdegan dan spooky secara itu di dalam laut aja gitu looo... Tapi begitu mulai explore, wow..bangkai kapal itu ternyata begitu fantastis! I mean c'mon, berapa banyak orang di dunia ini yang bisa melihat dan explore bangkai kapal di dalam laut yang penuh dengan corals dan soft corals plus beribu2 biota laut?? Lucky us, eh?! Being a diver realy gives me another chance to see keajaiban di bawah bumi...
Cuma, satu hal yang gw nggak suka diving disini, kalo diving diatas jam 9pagi sampe jam 4 sore, keadaanya udah kaya masuk wahana Dufan!! Why? karena penuh sama diver2 lain dari segala penjuru dunia. Somehow, nggak kerasa lagi diving di bangkai kapal, tapi kaya lagi liat2 wahana baru di Dufan.. apalagi ikan2 yang ada disana, udah jinak kaya binatang peliharaan sangkin seringnya mereka berhadapan dengan para divers....)

*here fishy..fishy...*
(ikan-ikan di USS Liberty Wreck yang mendekat ke para divers.. somehow mereka tau para divers suka bawa roti buat ngasi makan ikan. Udah kaya kucing yang suka beredar di tempat-tempat makan kaki lima, siap menunggu sisa makanan dari pengunjung...)

Diving information updated

here goes the list:

1. Ujung Kulon, 28-29 June, with DiveNarsisIndonesia
2. Bali, 17-20 July, "Bali Clean Up" with Coca Cola Indonesia
3. 30 july - 4 Aug, Lembeh & Bunaken (North Sulawesi trip)
4. 15-18 Aug, Kapoposang (South Sulawesi trip)

Sampai detik ini yang yang udah fix baru Ujung Kulon bareng beberapa orang dari DiveNarsisIndonesia.. Berangkat sabtu pagi, pulang minggu sore. Well, mungkin cuma dapet sekitar 3 dive per hari. Better than nothing....

Sedangkan Lembeh dan Bunaken masih dalam proses penyusunan berhubung yang bertindak sebagai penyelenggaranya gue sendiri dan Dina, hehehe..
Biaya dive trip nggak terlalu mahal, hanya 2,7juta untuk 4hari/3malam selama di manado, udah termasuk biaya cottage yang super duper baguuuus, plus makan 3x sehari, isi nitrox tangki, dan sewa kapal. Tiket pesawat?? hehehe leave it to Dina, as the owner of Batavia Airlines (wooooi Din, tiket jangan mahal2 yeee...)

untuk project "Bali Clean Up", diselenggarakan oleh Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia, dengan program membersihkan laut dan reef check di kedalaman 5m. Tawaran dive trip ini menarik sekaliiiiii mengingat gw bisa ikut sebagai volunteer diver dan yang pasti FREE kamar hotel (a.k.a nebeng kakak gw yang notabene ikut dalam project ini sebagai PR Coca Cola.....woooohoooo!) TAPI MASALAHNYA, bisa cuti nggak yaaaaah??? Secara gw baru 2 bulan saja di Commonwealth... hiks!

The last but not least... Kapoposang trip. Mudah-mudahan bisa terselenggara dengan baik, dan dapet penginapan gratis di Makasar ;p Another cuti harus di submit dari awal Agustus...

December: Either Menjangan or Nusa Penida for Mola-Mola and Manta season...

Next year target: Reef Check with National Geographic Channel!

Dare to join me anyone???

Jun 20, 2008

katanya sih survey merk....

daripada nggak update blog, at least i post some craps in here...
Let's see merk apa aja yang sedang gw

= Bodyshop passion fruit

paste tooth?
= Antiplaque

Tooth brush?
= oral b for braces

= Elsive

= finesse

= gillate for lady

= Bodyshop Almond

= Elizabeth Dior - sensual

= either bodyshop or nivea with spf

sun block?
= Nivea spf 30 water resistant... i'm soooo attahced with it!

= soon to be scubapro dive computer ;p

= Tod's

= Ipod itu kan merk gebleksss...

= sony vaio

Mobile phone?
= SE

= merk abal-abal

= sneakers? absolutely reebok

= Levi's & se7en

= soon to be Lexus hybrid ;p

= Nivea

baby johnson

facial wash?
= Nivea cleansing milk

= it's more about the color instead of brand

= Canon D400

= Red imperio armani

= hahaha it's sooooo last season lah

= Either medium rare Tbone steak or nasi padang!

= Dilmah mango

= black forrest from coffee bean

fave brand?
= commonwealth ;p

= Either Asian divers or national geographic

Jun 5, 2008

I Had Enough...

Recently, most of people i know/around me, always do this shitty: COMPLAINING abot this and that.

Complain, complain and complain about their life, theirself, and ANYTHING. Frankly sepaking, I FCKING HATE to hear those, folks! Stop complaining. Stop being pesimistic for once in your life.
Let's be reminded that it is important to be GRATEFUL in every single time. There are more people who sufferring than us out there!

I realy don't have time to hear your mumbo jumbo anymore, folks... Sorry.


Intinya, bok gw males denger komplain yang nggak berbobot.. please deh, get a life dan optimis dalam hidup. Punya masalah dan kompalin ngga usah diceritakan keseluruh jagat raya.. dan ooh.. kalo ga ada yang mau nanggepin komplainnya, ya terima aja yeeee.. Capek kali lama-lama...

Jun 4, 2008

Charlie Bit Me!

these petit guys are sooo adorable...

And the accent made it even better!!

May 29, 2008

The Whole Gank

Meet the whole team of "DiveNarsisIndonesia"....

*mas Anung, Barry, Freddy, bang Anton, Mas Dede, Me - Dina, Yasmine, Clemens*

This picture was taken at Aston Hotel, Tuban - our last day in Bali...
We're heading for another dive trip this weekend at Pulau Pramuka.
As you can see here, we were "gosong" enough in this pic.. (believe me, we are still in this "super-darky-tanned" condition), and now imagine that we will be more "gosong" after the Pramuka trip...?

But hey... i don't mind at all sengihnampakgigi

May 23, 2008

Happy Together

Some say that David Cook always sing flawlessly.. Unfortunetally, i found out that he was (once) sang "jelek" in this video. He started the song with a lil 'sumbang dan fals" here and there, though he finally managed his voice better than the first verse.
Tapi teteeeep.. bagi gw performanya disini nggak bagus dan bikin lagunya jeleks!

Anyway, how come that Simon said he never heard that song before...? If i'm not wrong, it was on the TOP HIT back in 1991! Bok, waktu itu gw masih kelas 4 SD deh kalo nggak salah, dan sukaaaaa banget sama lagu ini.... Setuju tak..? Setuju tak....? kenyit

David Cook

Jason Danovan

Emang sih somehow Cook membikin lagu ini jadi sedikit berbeda dari aslinya (jadi nge-rock dikit) dan jadi orosinil, but still......
.....Jason Danovan Rocks! sengihnampakgigi

Mataku Juling

Niatnya malem ini mo nulis tentang Dive Trip kemaren mengingat besok wiken. Tapi gara-gara American Express sialan itu, bikin mata gw sekarang jadi sakit dan juling! Tolol banget sih tuh AMEX, bikin term and condition dengan font kecil-kecil. Ada kali font ukuran times new roman dengan size 6!! Gimana mata gw nggak juling pas review tuh kontrak.
Dasar AMEX suinjiiieeeeeng! marah

Next week, Dive Trip to Pulau Pramuka with Underwater Club.... woooohoooo!celebrate

May 21, 2008

Short Update

Sebenarnya niat untuk nulis udah sejak pulang dari dive trip...
tapi berhubung pindah kantor baru, waktu dan kesempatan itu jadi ilang entah kemana... Meanwhile, gw juga banyak mempropose project-project baru yang berhubungan dengan legal matters di kantor ini. Somehow, hal ini bisa bikin dipromosiin lebih cepat, which is good for my career. Tapi akibatnya, kerjaan gw....Aiiih mateeeee deh!

Ketika memutuskan cabut dari Citibank, hampir semua orang komentar ke gw:
"Are you insane???"
Mungkin bagi mereka, keluar dari Citi dan pindah ke perusahaan lain adalah hal tergila, mengingat Citi adalah Bank no.1 sedunia (kecuali untuk private banking, di pegang oleh Bank of Swiss). Tapi gw punya pemikiran, perhitungan dan alasan lain, yang mungkin hanya di mengerti oleh sebagian orang...dan menurut gw, nggak ada kewajiban untuk menjelaskan pola pikir itu ke mereka. Even my ex boss, berusaha nahan dengan segala upaya...cuma sayang upaya-nya nggak maksimal.. (well, oke mungkin gw akan narik kembali surat resign itu kalo ditawarin gaji 5x lipat, huheuheuhue ngareeeep sengihnampakgigi )

Anyway, i am now officially with Commonwealth Group. And i found (and believe) that i'll have a good career with them.

Wish me luck!

May 7, 2008

Divers VS Banci Kamera

Sorry folks.. buat sementara, update foto2 diving dulu. Abis maleeees banget mau post tentang dive trip kemaren. I am now in a drop condition.. butuh bed rest for about 3 days. Ntar kalo udah terkumpul niat dan semangat deh yaaa....

These are some from our dive trip pics. Enjoy it kenyit

On the way to Bengil point, Padang bai - Bali, May 3, 08. Our 2nd dive that day.
Up in the surface the weather was fcukin hot, but once we hit 15-20m, the current was quite strong, and visibility dropped into 10meters, but it wasn't enough to be a hazard. Soft coral-nya keren abis.. Never seen that before!

Padang Bai-Bali, May 3, 08. Aboard to Pura Jepun point.. Notice me with the yellow towel around my head. Panaaaaas gila!! After this dive, i got a seasick for the first time.. Antara mau muntah, mual dan pusing banget, so i decided to get a rest during our surface interval, back at the dive operator.

night dive preparation at scuba seraya resort, Tulamben - East Bali, May 1, 08. This picture was taken around 6.05pm Bali local time.. right before Adzan Magrib bergema. Ohh.. we saw a group of dolphins swimming back to the east... just about 300m from our resort.. What an amazing sight!
Dive location: House of artificial reef.

"the banci cameras"... L to R: Dina, bang anton, mas dede, freddy, chris, bli bodo (our local guide), clemens, barry, yasmine and me. Picture taken by mas Anung.
This was
Our first dive at that day, 10.15am local time.. and we all were sooo darky-tanned a.k.a hitam gosong, keculai clemmens mukanya merah banegt udah kaya kepiting rebus, hihihi!
Dive point: Pura Jepun point- Padang Bai, East Bali. At first, i thought the water temperature was warm enough, but unfortunetaly, i was soooo wrong. Airnya dingin abis dan ombak di permukaan kenceng banget! Cukup membuat gw menelan air laut dengan sukses ketika surface nunggu boat dateng ngejemput... Next time, i should bring my snorkel with me!

the complete team of "geng hura-hura"
L to R: mas
dede, mas anung, dina, bang anton, yasmine, clemmens, me, barry, freddy... Minus our local giude, Bli wayan and bli bodo.
This pic was taken when we arrived at Scuba
Seraya Resort, Tulamben - East Bali, just before our first dive at 11.10am local time.
I love this resort.. a good price with a good architecture and specially with a good companion around me.. So worthed! Who could ask for anything more..?

May 5, 2008

Mental Therapy For Diving..??

Kalo kata mas Dede pas di Tulamben kemaren, ada 3 dokter yang harus di temui after dive trip: Dokter THT, dokter kulit (kalo kena coral beracun)... dan yang terakir dokter JIWA!!
Somehow, kayanya gw harus nemuin dokter yang ke-3 tuh.. mulai mengalami gangguan jiwa setelah Tulamben trip. Bawaannya mau diving tiap hari dan males kerja gelakguling

Anyway, I'm going to Pulau Pramuka tanggal 24-25 May for another dive trip sama anak2 yang ke Tulamben kemaren, dan kemudian dilanjutkan dengan live-abroad (CRUISING ABROAD, MAN!!!) selama 1 minggu di pulau Komodo tanggal 6 juni... mudah-mudahan cuti di approve jelir
Dare to join me, anyone?? Biayanya ga semahal cruising ke Raja Ampat kok... Semakin banyak yang mau ikut, semakin murah biaya patungan sewa kapal, hihihi..

You see here... i really need to see dokter jiwa now... gelakguling
Anyone knows a good shrink in Jakarta...?

Never Get Enough of Diving!!

Tulamben and Padang Bai was fucking awsome!!!!

The visibility was about 30m. Airnya sebening aquarium... though di Jepun-Padang Bai, kondisi sedikit drop, visibility cuma sekitar 10m doang, current kenceng banget dan temperature sedikit dingin. But we still had fun though!

We did some deep dives in Batu Klebit and Drop Off Tulamben, and found a black tip shark while diving at 29,8meters deep!!! Gileee ketemu Hiu Black tip sepanjang 2,5meter dan kita semua langsung nguber-nguber tu hiu sampe kedalaman 32meter...! Some of us kena decompression gara2 penasaran ama si black tip dan nyelem terlalu dalem.. hahahaha dasar orang gila semua!

Will update the details soon, folks...

Apr 28, 2008

Packing Tahap 1

1 tahap packing udah beres..... I'm sooooo bad at packing, jadi harus step by step... eventough i'm leaving on wednesday.

Tadi malem urusan ngepak dive gear: 2 BCD, 2 regulator, 2 wetsuit, 2 pasang booties, 2 fin, 3 mask, 2 snorkel, all packed inside my dive bag.. Dan begitu melihat dive bag gw yang segede gaban itu, bingung gimana bawanya tar...secara lebih gede dari koper gw dan yang pasti dive bag ini NGGAK ADA RODA untuk diseret-seret! Huh! pusing..pusing deh ntar bawanya. Mau minta tolong anak-anak cowo...? Yeaaah i wish... Secara mereka juga bakal menggotong dive bag masing-masing berikut koper/duffle bag masing-masing. Mana lagi regulator gw masukin di tas khusus dan akan gw jinjing sampe masuk cabin pesawat. Abis takut kalo masukin bagasi... takut di banting-banting dan dilempar-lempar ama petugas bandara yang suka brutal kalo lagi load dan unload bagasi. Regulator paling vital soalnya... kalo rusak, nyawa gw juga melayang ntar hahahaha...

Malem ini giliran packing baju dan printilan-printilan lain...biar besok malem bisa finalized. Hari rabu nggak akan sempet finalized lagi..soalnya pagi-pagi mo cek regulator ke sea pearl, trus ambil fin lagi di kuningan, trus jam 3 ke airport..

Satu lagi yang belum sempet gw lakuin....beli atasan bodysuit lengan panjang biar nggak iteeeeeeeem! Pengalaman selama ini yang cuma pake bikini inside my wetsuit, bikin kulit gosoooong pas surface interval.

Hmmmm....jual bodysuit yang murah dimana yah....?

Apr 27, 2008



Original by: Procol Harum - 1967

Procol Harum - Early 90's

Procol Harum - 2004

Retro by: Sarah Brightman

Retro by: Annie Lennox


The videoclip also available on youtube

Retro by: Elliot Yamin

Retro by: Sammy Hagar (Van Hallen)

Retro by: Liza veiga

Anyway... whiter shade of pale is one of my favorite song ever. Apparently, this was my grandpa's fave too... You see the connection here..? sengihnampakgigi

Love the music, love the lyric... (though the lyric is fucked up jelir and i found quite difficult to understand the exact meaning... but what the heck, i'm still loving it anyway!)
So, which version do like the most...?

We skipped the light fandango
turned cartwheels 'cross the floor
I was feeling kinda seasick
but the crowd called out for more
The room was humming harder
as the ceiling flew away
When we called out for another drink
the waiter brought a tray

And so it was that later
as the miller told his tale
that her face, at first just ghostly,
turned a whiter shade of pale

She said, 'There is no reason
and the truth is plain to see.'
But I wandered through my playing cards
and would not let her be
one of sixteen vestal virgins
who were leaving for the coast
and although my eyes were open
they might have just as well've been closed

She said, 'I'm home on shore leave,'
though in truth we were at sea
so I took her by the looking glass
and forced her to agree
saying, 'You must be the mermaid
who took Neptune for a ride.'
But she smiled at me so sadly
that my anger straightway died

If music be the food of love
then laughter is its queen
and likewise if behind is in front
then dirt in truth is clean
My mouth by then like cardboard
seemed to slip straight through my head
So we crash-dived straightway quickly
and attacked the ocean bed

Apr 24, 2008

Celebrities Goin Political

I just read from gossip page that "penyanyi dangdut Saiful Jamil mencalonkan diri jadi wakil wali kota Serang..."

well, I'm not saying that he can't do political thingies... I barely judge people by the cover, but don't you think a leader should be a well-educated professional person?

can somebody tell me WHAT'S GOIN ON HERE...??? fikir

Apr 21, 2008

Harga Rumah Udah Gila!

boo''... gw baru nyadar kalo harga rumah dan tanah di Jakarta raya ini UDAH NGGAK MASUK AKAL!!

setelah 2 minggu keliling-keliling survey rumah di daerah selatan, hasilnya bikin gw shock berat! Nggak kebayang luas tanah 90m2 dengan bangunan cuma 60m2 harganya bisa lebih dari IDR 400juta!!! Gila yaaa... kamar pembantu rumah gw disibayak aja sama masih lebih besar dari kamar-kamar rumah mini itu!! 400juta tapi kagak layak huni booook! I mean, seriously ruangan-ruangannya nggak masuk akal!

Belum lagi apartamen di tengah kota.... Perbandingan luas bangunan dengan harganya: Suinjieeeeeeng abeeeees......!

No wonder mayang sari ngejar-ngejar bambang! hahahahahahaha

Apr 15, 2008

Good News, People!

Akhirnya... saya update blog ini lagi setelah vakum selama...selama... 4hari (??). Tapi saya punya alasan yang bagus kenapa jarang update akhir-akhir ini:

Anyway... akhirnya ada juga good news yang mau di sharing disini. Setelah kemaren sempat nangis-nangis darah dan meratapi nasib gara-gara keabisan tiket ke Bali buat diving (yeaah, remeber my previoust post about keparat long wiken bulan maret kemaren?)... akhirnya sekarang saya bisa juga diving ke Bali! Yeeeeppeeeee

Rencana dive trip kali ini udah dipersiapkan jauh lebih mateng dari awal april. Trip ini sendiri di kordinasi oleh mas Meang, dan setelah ngajak orang sana sini, terkumpulah 7 orang yang confirmed: Saya sendiri, kakak saya, Dina dan adeknya (lupa namanya siapa, hehehe), Bari, Yuke dan mas Meang sendiri sebagai Dive Master.

Paket yang ditawarkan harganya cukup murah (mengingat ini long wiken), hanya 2,2juta untuk 5hari 4malam, sudah termasuk dive trip itu sendiri selama 3hari (boat rental, scuba tank rental, makan siang), dan juga udah hotel + sarapan pagi (standar fasilitas hotel). Lebih lanjut, berhubung pemilik maskapai Batavia Air, Dina, akan bergabung dalam divetrip ini, akhirnya kita semua dapet special discount untuk penerbangan Jakarta-Denpasar-Jakarta, plus tidak perlu membayar biaya overweight dive gear dan koper... (saya yakin untuk koper pasti nggak akan overweight, tapi mengingat perlatan tempur kami begitu banyak, jaket BCD, Wetsuit, Fin, Mask, etc etc, overwight bisa-bisa 15kg! hahahaha). Rencananya berangkat dengan penerbangan Rabu sore, dan pulang Senin pagi.

*padang bai*

Dive trip ini nantinya akan dilakukan di dua spot, Tulamben dan Padang Bai. Untuk 1 hari, akan ada 3x dive; dive pagi jam 10an, surface interval dilanjutkan makan siang, dive kedua sekitar jam 1.30an, surface interval dan dive ketiga akan dilakukan sekitar jam 3-3.30 sore, tergantung perhitungan di dive computer. Sehingga dalam waktu 3hari kita bisa dapat 9 dive. Well, hari minggu yang pasti nggak akan diving lagi karena seninnya penerbangan pagi (baru diperbolehkan terbang minimal 24 jam setelah melakukan aktifitas diving, terutama untuk repetitive dive).

Hari pertama , diving di seputar Tulamben, yang pasti shipwreck di bangkai kapal USS Liberty yang karam pada tahun 1945, lalu kemudian dilanjutkan dengan wall dive (bisa ngeliat palung laut, hiiiiiii serem!). Padang bai sendiri belum tau hari apa, jumat atau sabtu.


Well, sekian updatenya.. yang pasti perincian diving nanti akan saya update lagi, berikut foto-foto di bawah laut. Wooohoooooo!

Tulamben and Padang Bai... here i comeeeeee!!!

Ps: jangan kaget kalo nanti ngeliat saya hitam segosong-gosongnya!! I don't mind being gosong as long as i can have amazing dive trip!! Lagian saya bukan tipe cewe klemer-klemer yang takut item kebakar matahari ato tipe cewe dengan muka putih mulus kaya mba-mba gaul yang suka nongkrong di mall dengan LV tote bag

Ps lagi: booo' jangan menitip dan mengharapkan oleh-oleh yaa..karena bisa dipastikan saya nggak punya waktu belanja belanji... well ok, mungkin di malam terakir kalo nginep di Kuta jelir