Aug 16, 2008

another trivia

3 posts in a day.... teeeheeee!

1. what's one thing you regret not doing?:
" not getting the studying visa for my master in Nederlands when I had the chance". I'll be taking that one to the grave, hiks..

2. Have you ever googled you own name? How did you feel about the result?

"well, there are two results, one is from my previous office (a boring lawfirm) which still haven't delete my personal data after 3years i resigned, and the second one is from my previous univ. How do I feel about this... well, frankly i don't like the way they still using my name as an associate lawyer in that frikin' firm".

3. What books did you love as a child?
"Anything from little house on the prarie, asterix (still love them till now), Snow white and anything from Hans Christian Andersen. I could go on more.. I read a lot as a child!"

4. What was your very first job?
"I was a lemonade girl. Me and my other girls sell lemonade to the boys who played baseball when I was in elementary. It was one crazy summer and fun!!

5. You've been through on the desert with horse with no name. What is it?
"Well, I never horse riding on the desert. but i would name it with 'heidi'. yes, it is from one of my childhood fave character by Johanna Spyri. I always dream for a white-brown-spotted-American-Indian-horse'."

6. What movie can you qoute by heart?
"cluless and Empire Records.... Sad but true."

7. How many languages can you speak? Wich language can you read or understand?
"In order of proficiency:
-Bahasa and English --> which I speak fluently =)
- Dutch
- German (a few words, considering it came from the same root with Dutch)
- I can read Arabian since I read the Holy Qur'an but I have to consult the "tafsir".
- Indonesian traditional language such as "Batak, Minang and little bit Sunda" which it usually comes back after a while.

8. What's your favorite vacation destination?

"woohooo.. so many places. My favorite places in this country are sea garden of Bunaken and Raja Ampat. otherwise, Hainut-Belgium, Monaco, Copacobana-Brazil, Malorca-Spain to only find a good spot for dive!

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