Apr 27, 2010

38 Minggu

.... dan si baby ini masih aja betah dalam perut, huhuhu. Ngobrol sana sini dengan temen-temen saya yang udah punya anak, rata-rata sih mereka lahiran di minggu 38. Ternyata ibu saya dan mertua saya juga kurang lebih melahirkan anak-anaknya di minggu 38.

Kalau ditanya udah ada tanda-tanda belum, waaah itu sih udah banget. Minggu lalu, 37 weeks, saya ngerasain yang namanya kontraksi hebat. Sakitnya yaoloooooooo.... hanya saya dan Tuhan yang tau rasa sakitnya. Berawal dari jam 2 siang, sampe jam 11 malem, akhirnya saya bisa tidur juga. Rasanya seperti campuran nyeri on first day period plus mules pengen buang air. Untung hari itu dokter obgyn saya praktek, jadi bisa langsung check up.

Setelah di usg, nothing happen! Naddaaa! Bukaan satu aja belum, jadi nggak bisa di apa-apain deh, selain di kasih obat penahan sakit (yang akhirnya pain killer itu pun nggak saya minum). Malah dokter nyuruh lahiran minggu depan aja, lewat 38. Biar paru-paru si baby mateng total, katanya.

So, here we are, me and the baby, menunggu kapan waktu yang tepat untuk lahiran. Hopefully this week.. soalnya udah nggak nyaman dan begah banget. Plus, nggak sabar mau make jeans dan t shirt, and kembali ke dunia perairan... hihihihi....

Apr 22, 2010

Just Like Opa Belgie

Ini Papi saya, on his 4th birthday...

Baby boy saya, nanti Insya Allah, akan lahir dengan zodiac dan shio yang sama dengan Papi saya, Taurus - Macan *hopefully juga bisa lahir di tanggal yang sama...hihihi*

Jadi, mudah-mudahan si baby boy ini bisa mirip dengan Opa-nya, berhubung saya nggak terlalu kecipratan tampang londo dari gen Papi...

Dan mudah-mudahan, si baby boy pun kelak bisa lebih sukses dari Opa-nya dan kedua orang tunya-nya.

Amiiiin..... http://www.emocutez.com

Apr 19, 2010

37 And Counting!!

My obgyn doctor told me that i finaly reached the "safe" week to deliver the baby. I have passed premature period. Although my due date is 9 May (40 weeks at the latest), but doctor told me there is a tend to deliver the baby earlier, which is on 37th weeks.

Here are some random facts during my last 3 semester :

* I gained another 5kgs!

* stretch marks are everywhere: the horor! It appears to be getting bigger no matter how much i put stretch mark cream and oil on. Some friends gave recommendation on stretch mark cream, but actually there are no studies that show anyhting prevents stretch mark. Anyway, For recommendation, i use stretch mark cream from "Palmer's" - with cocoa butter formula. At least less itchy on my belly and hopefully, they will fade after delivering the baby.

* Darker skin at certian part of my body: neck, armpit, feet... Aaaargh! Some say it will dissapear once the baby's born. And it also happened to my mom when she was having my sister. Once again, hopefully it will fade away, like VERY SOON after delivering the baby.

* Confession: as a shoppaholic, usually I spend most of my salary for me only: anything from clothes, make ups, bags, shoes, etc. But after my pregnancy reached 28 weeks, i start buy anything for the baby; from clothing, toys to bedding set. However, expensive stuff (car seat, stroller, baby's crib, etc) are on Merdi's... *mwahaha tertawa culas*. Everytime i go to Metro/Sogo, malls or even ITC, i straighlty walk to baby's corner, checking up on cute stuff to buy. FYI, "Mothercare" is my new fave place to shop!

* I noticed when my baby is sleep or when is his "show time", which is usually at 10PM sajah nendang-nendangnya. Yes, baby loves to kick me at night.

* People always told me not to eat "Indomie" during pregnancy. But somehow i guess they forget to add "KFC, McD, Bakmi GM or even Baso tek tek". If you're not allowed to eat indomie, what's the difference with those junkfood or home cooking with a lot of monosodium? It surely contains MSG/vetsin too, iya tak?? So, i checked these with my obgyn and guess what, he said it's ok to eat indomie once in a while, like 1x in 2 months, instead of eat junk food every weekend. It's all about how frequent you eat those racun.

* I joined pregnancy exercise club on RSB Asih.. So at least i know how to prepare labor breathing (which is similiar to dive breating), how to avoid swallon feet, back pain, to find good positions during contraction, and also to avoid pain during labor process.

* Constractions are still inconsistent. It usually come in the morning, and it felt like i'm having first day of my period. Merdi is very helpfull on this. He always rub my back everynight and also very patient on my mood changing.

* After much deliberation.. and thinking, I've decided to go on early maternity leave rather than waiting for the very last minute. My boss have somehow gave me the green light to go on early leave. I think he got the hint where I have been looking like a zombie the past few days. So, i started to have "me time" since 8 april - until 8 July.

Oh, have I ever mention about our baby's name before? After having so many times USG scan and the doctor confirmed that it's a "HE", we came to our final discussion on our baby boy's name. It consist of 4 words including his sure name: Murti. * yang pasti bukan arabic's name yang lagi pasaran hari geneeee....* But i'm not gonna tell you now!

When Daddy Got Jealous

I was singing Michael Buble's "Everyting" to my unborn baby when sudenly Merdi raised a protest:

Me: "...And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times... It's you, it's you, you make me sing, You're every line, you're every word, you're everything...."

Merdi: Hey! whatabout me? I'm not your "everything" anymore?

Me: *Laughing* whoooaaaa... did you hear that son? Daddy got jealous... buy you!!

And so on the next day, Merdi tried to make a sweet revange against me, right after our pillow talk when he told me that his love for me is only 50% now... while another 50% is for the baby boy.

Yeaaaah I'm soooo jealous, daddy! Ha ha ha... FAIL!!!