Oct 22, 2008

Tergila-Gila... (as in literaly GILA)

my mom alwyas said "dont wait until tomorrow what you can do today".
dan sekarang gw nyesel kenapa ngga pernah dengerin nasihat orang tua.

Let see, my big day is less then 2 month. One and a half, actually. And i haven't do anything good for that! It's not that i dont have the-so-called "wedding planner" or whatsoever.. In fact, i did buy it dengan NIAT SUCI, but the result is i was never coret-coret or even put the "x" symbol on the checklist! (FYI, i did make a good sketch of cat in that book though sengihnampakgigi). Bukannya nggak ada waktu, tapi MALAS! Err.. not a correct word, actually.., HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. yes, thats the correct words! Blah! Me so stupid! what was i thinking selama ini, santai-santai goyang-goyang kaki, and spent all my weekend doing NOTHING. Plus, fokus kepecah 2 antara kerjaan kantor dan my big day. Lately, i'm the only one Legal in my company, since my boss is the chairman of Team Fraud.. dan entah kenapa akhir2 ini banyak bgt fraud yg terjadi. While me, i have to backup everything ralated to Legal thingies... Yah bikin report to board of directors/commissioners, drafting contracts, even sedikit-sedikit kecipratan kasus fraud. Ha ha ha my world is goin up and down!

So okay, i know that i need to mengejar waktu (even pake sistem kebut semalam bila perlu).. and last week, i finally managed to met those mba-mba from wedd decoration, which hopefully the layout will be finalized by the end of Oct.
In addition, im sooo thankful that Gaga (who happens to be my future bro in law) worked in this famous event organizer in Jakarta, so there, we can leave it to Gaga for those tetek-bengek urusan acara, the music, the MC, etc etc, kumplit the whole pacakge. Pfff....

The invitation card, the souvenirs, etc, etc.. if you wanna know the updated process, NONE OF THEM yang sudah di urus. Yeaa..yeaa.. i know, everyone i know sad "Are you out of your mind?!?" Your big day is less than 2 months, and you haven't order one of them?!

(Ini sedang dikerjakan kok disainnya.. I made the design though jelir )

So, finally we met the printing guys yesterday, and he said it takes a month or lesss (since this printing guy who owned those fabulous machine is one of my BF's bestfriend) to finish the complete process.
Let see...
The Fact : I got A MONTH, or less.
Means : invitation cards will be done (hopefully) on third week of Nov.
In practice :card invitation should be received by guest at the latest 2
weeks before the big day.
my (weak & quick) calculation : Ok, i have enough times to sebar-sebar itu undangan.

No worries!

And the souvenir... well, i had this quick browse last week in pasar tebet (got the recomendation from my friends), dan finally sudah menjatuhkan pilihan hati pada sebuah benda kecil yang shiny (oooooh i'm sooooo not gonna tell you here yah! ha ha ha). The price isn't too expensive.. quite competitive, i must say. And of course, it happened after we bargained here and there sama si mba-mbanya plus typical rayuan maut from my BF, which makes the price droped into 30% or less. Again, hopefully, i will be able to meet the mbak-mbak to make the down payment this saturday.

Ok, 3 issues solved.

What next.. hmmm.. *think..think..think*rindu

Oh, ofcourse! the place and the food/catering. No worries. Since my big day will be held at hotel ballroom, thus, i have no worries about the foods. Nggak perlu cari-cari ketering or doin' food terster sana sini dengan catering'ers. Besides, i have made the down payment with that hotel. The only thing i need to do is food-picking (is this the right words? whatever..) from the menu. Ofcourse, they provide food tester, but again, i'm 100% sure this kind of hotel will provide good food.

Pre-wed Photo? Will be done on first week of nov. I have this superb photographer (who also happens to be my Dive Buddy). Tadinya niat mo foto underwater sambil diving... tapiiii.. if i do that, bisa di sepak sama bokap gw! ... even worse, im sure my dad will kill me!
*Geee i wonder terbang sampe mana gw kalo di sepak bokap...ha ha ha*

The last but not least, the dress... ooh ya THE DRESS.. THE HORROR ONE, which still membuat gw sakit kepala berat dan dag dig dug dengan hasilnya nanti. Why?? Coz i finally have time to go to the panjaitan (read: taylor) LAST SATURDAY to "ukur-mengukur badan" (heck! i dont know the english word!).
Well, everyone i know (even the dress maker) said, you should go there at least 3 months berfore your big day! Sekarang waktunya mepet gilak!
Tapi gw punya alasan sendiri:
Frankly speaking, gw takut gendut! Yes, i gained so much weight for the past 4 months! And if i doing this ukur-mengukur 3 months before the day, either the dress won't fit me in or i will look like babi piaraan! A BIG FAT PIG (and its not even cute). Crap! in the other hand, designing those dresses is not that simple as well. I can't decided what kind of dress i'll wear on my big day. Since my dad has no the-so-called "tradition" or "adat", thus i have to jungkir balik to decide the theme (the whole theme), including for the dress. Yeaaah thanks to my herritage and my dad who has made me "sakit kepala", just to only fine "pake adat apa dong yah??" gelakguling

My very best friends (they know who they are senyumkenyit) once said, you should wear Dutch traditional Wedding costume.. or even a white wedding gown just like those "bule-bule pakai". And i was like.. WHAT.....??? Seriously! I ain't gonna be a Dutch Lady on my big day (bayangkan: gambar dutch lady yang ada di kaleng susu cap bendera or whatsoever)! ... Or even worse, the white gown will make us (the whole family) looked like conducting a chineese wedding. (Big sory..sory.. and soooo soryyyy.. it's not that i'm being racist here. White gown is GOOD! nothing wrong with that. But most of chinesee people in indonesia usually wears that.. and i'm affraid it'll make people think i have chineese blood. Or even worse, some of my families will "protes-protes ngga jelas" hanya karena tradisi white gown udah menjadi part of chineese tradition di Indonesia.
You know.... BIG FAMILIES RULES! Apalagi orang batak, banyak kali pun sodaranya... Belum puas kalo belum bawa 1 kompi, ck..ck..ck

So, after seeing my gals and heading home, i (as well as my BF) decided that it's gonna be "international-traditional theme". You know, a black-formal-tux for the men, and modern-kebaya-gown for the girls... or i must say "kebaya banci" (imagne that: kebaya-gown! Kebaya apa gaun sih..? ha ha ha). You guys will see later ya si kebaya banci itu....
So, fair enough! Regarding that my BF is 100% indonesia, while me (the bride with no "adat istiadat") is descended from... what... Belgium-Dutch-Poland-Batak. whatever!
So, hopefully, by the end of nov, all my dresses sudah finalized doa

Anyway, who would've thought wedding can be stressful?
Another sample of the word used in a sentence would be: "Normally, I would enjoy every lil thing from wed preparation. But this is just sad."

This is the lesson i've learn this year: "Don't wait until tommorow what you can do today"
(yeaa yeaa i'm sure my mom will right away say.. "I TOLD YOU SOO.." if she knows this post.

Ok, i will update later. Need to talk to my BF now. So many things need to be discussed.

ps: sorry if you found no coherence between the subject and my mumbo jumbo.. and muchas gracias for reading this post cium

Oct 17, 2008

October Wishes

17 oct 2008:

I'm gettin' old again.

And gettin' old is a BASTARD! *sigh*

...bijna vergeten maar zag het net nog op de kalender...