Jan 6, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Unlike my 2009 resolution (yes, i have trouble keeping my resolutions), i really want to start mapping my 2010 goals and keeping my resolutions.. well, at least work in progress =). Mine are simple. Not too ambitious, just a simple template.

So, here's the list:

1. Be a good mother. Yes this is a MUST.
2. Be a good wife. No more laziness, no more late night sleep, and must wake up early before husband.
3. Getting back into shape after delivering the baby, work out more (yeah, this is pretty standard on everyone's list). At least i need to lose 10kg in 3 months. Another-MUST-do-list.
4. Make a budget plan and stick to it.
5. Get my Nitrox certification sometime in Nov/Dec.

Yes, this time i'm determined to finally do better... Success is not an accident, it begins with well-conceived plans, right?
.... hopefully =)

What Happened In 2009

2009 was the best and also the worst year in my entire life.

The worst was when I lost my father in law. It was a sudden death, we only got 3 moths when the doctor diagnosed him with CA. He had a massive cancer that already spread in lung, bone, etc etc. All the in-laws were pretty upset after his death, since we had never seen death closely in our life before.
Well, i guess TIME is a great healer for the lost. Afterall, death is a natural and it comes to everyone, right.

Despite the bad thing, i can say that 2009 also gave me another best experiences i ever had:

The Manado Dive Trip which gave me the best 9 wall dives, plenty good foods and another honeymoon fantastic getaway with merdi.

And the highlight would be My Pregnancy! Eventhough i had the so called 24hours sickness, backache, and swollen feet, i really enjoyed with the baby's kicking, medical control, etc etc, and of course i'm allowed to eat anything i want (except for those indomies.. hiks). But, the joy of having him inside me makes it all worthwile. And yes, husband is also very sweet, he keeps asking me what i would like to eat.

Anyway.... i'm sincerely welcoming 2010, and hopefully it'll become the most challenging, exciting year for our new journey and of course more miraculous to come!

Jan 3, 2010

Things that completed so far:

# home renovation process
# Air conditioner
# stove
# 1 set dining table
# refrigerator
# bed for master bedroom
# hanging lamp as interior design
# some kitchen/cooking stuff
# TV and DVD player
# coffee table for living room
# washing machine

Things that need to be completed:
# couch for living room
# wooden storage for books, etc
# water heater
# kitchen cabinet
# console table
# 1 big artistic black n white picture
# drawer
# stuff for guest bedroom
# mini garden
# baby stuff, baby's room decoration

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