Jan 6, 2010

What Happened In 2009

2009 was the best and also the worst year in my entire life.

The worst was when I lost my father in law. It was a sudden death, we only got 3 moths when the doctor diagnosed him with CA. He had a massive cancer that already spread in lung, bone, etc etc. All the in-laws were pretty upset after his death, since we had never seen death closely in our life before.
Well, i guess TIME is a great healer for the lost. Afterall, death is a natural and it comes to everyone, right.

Despite the bad thing, i can say that 2009 also gave me another best experiences i ever had:

The Manado Dive Trip which gave me the best 9 wall dives, plenty good foods and another honeymoon fantastic getaway with merdi.

And the highlight would be My Pregnancy! Eventhough i had the so called 24hours sickness, backache, and swollen feet, i really enjoyed with the baby's kicking, medical control, etc etc, and of course i'm allowed to eat anything i want (except for those indomies.. hiks). But, the joy of having him inside me makes it all worthwile. And yes, husband is also very sweet, he keeps asking me what i would like to eat.

Anyway.... i'm sincerely welcoming 2010, and hopefully it'll become the most challenging, exciting year for our new journey and of course more miraculous to come!

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