Aug 26, 2008

Becoming "L-Size"

I had a long stare at myself in the mirror today. No no.. not in the admiring way but more on the HATE way. I can NOT accept the fact that i'm gained weight now. Even my boyfriend noticed that, he said "baby if you realized, you gained a lil weight now..." nangih (boy.. never said that such thing to a woman yah, specialy when they are in PMS period!)

Do you know how depressing i am when i look into the mirror and to only fine a "not so hot woman" looking back at me, which is clearly my self? tension

So, okay. I'm officialy getting fat. Big deal!

Aug 25, 2008

Living in the Virtual World

This might sound silly, but have you ever give a thought about how people now are living in a virtual world? I did. Core example:

I was recently sitting in a cafe with my boyfriend in the lobby of a newly opened coffee shop, having a cup of machiato. While waiting for our meal come, i watched a couple pass our table. They had just come out from one of those shops together and were holding hands, but the woman was talking to someone else on the cell phone. It was a weird sight. Here was a woman engaging in conversation with someone who wasn't there while holding hands with the man she was ignoring. It set me to thingking about how people spend their time in an increasingly "virtual" world, one in which our immediate experiance of the moment is being overtaken by gadgets.

I'm not planning to be the Dalai Lama nor Zen Master, but I did sometimes thingking about Life and Living, such as "what it is to be alive in this world without gadget or other virtual thingies, like how those monks living in Lhasa, what was it like?"
And my answer is: in the 21st century, dwelling in that timeless will take a lot more effort.

Just a random thought from my mind. This has nothing to do with Zen.

Aug 17, 2008

..i never knew that love is a grief and a barestone..

Aug 16, 2008

another trivia

3 posts in a day.... teeeheeee!

1. what's one thing you regret not doing?:
" not getting the studying visa for my master in Nederlands when I had the chance". I'll be taking that one to the grave, hiks..

2. Have you ever googled you own name? How did you feel about the result?

"well, there are two results, one is from my previous office (a boring lawfirm) which still haven't delete my personal data after 3years i resigned, and the second one is from my previous univ. How do I feel about this... well, frankly i don't like the way they still using my name as an associate lawyer in that frikin' firm".

3. What books did you love as a child?
"Anything from little house on the prarie, asterix (still love them till now), Snow white and anything from Hans Christian Andersen. I could go on more.. I read a lot as a child!"

4. What was your very first job?
"I was a lemonade girl. Me and my other girls sell lemonade to the boys who played baseball when I was in elementary. It was one crazy summer and fun!!

5. You've been through on the desert with horse with no name. What is it?
"Well, I never horse riding on the desert. but i would name it with 'heidi'. yes, it is from one of my childhood fave character by Johanna Spyri. I always dream for a white-brown-spotted-American-Indian-horse'."

6. What movie can you qoute by heart?
"cluless and Empire Records.... Sad but true."

7. How many languages can you speak? Wich language can you read or understand?
"In order of proficiency:
-Bahasa and English --> which I speak fluently =)
- Dutch
- German (a few words, considering it came from the same root with Dutch)
- I can read Arabian since I read the Holy Qur'an but I have to consult the "tafsir".
- Indonesian traditional language such as "Batak, Minang and little bit Sunda" which it usually comes back after a while.

8. What's your favorite vacation destination?

"woohooo.. so many places. My favorite places in this country are sea garden of Bunaken and Raja Ampat. otherwise, Hainut-Belgium, Monaco, Copacobana-Brazil, Malorca-Spain to only find a good spot for dive!


** actually i posted this couple years ago in fs. And now, i realy want to check how far i have live my life..

Have I lived life? Is it already worth dying? Hell, no! In my point of view, one would have lived life if one has:

1. Been fat once upon a time
2. Sky dived
3. Gave birth and experienced parenthood
4. Visit
Cuba and smoke Cuban's cigar
5. Tasted fame & fortune
6. Jammed with Daft Punk
7. Driven a Hummer
8. Been on stage humiliating oneself -> checked
9. Experienced Whale watching in
san juan
10. Joined gay parade is
San Francisco -> checked
11. Played in forrest and fire during childhood -> checked
12. Scuba dived in sea garden -> checked checked checked!
13. Sacrified for someone, somebody, anything
14. Party hard in
Mexico with Tequila and nachos for free
15. Been madly in love -> checked
16. Joined greenpeace and sailed for 5 months with the member
17. Volunteered in Refugee camp
18. Been in front of Ka'bah -> checked
19. Kicked my Boss's ass -> checked
20. owned my own business
21. Drunk in
22. Consumed somthing one won't normally do
23. Been contributing to my parents’ retirement plan
24. Been heartbroken -> checked
25. Went to Hainut-Belgium and found out who all my relativs are
26. Hospitalized for atleast 3 days -> checked
27. Backpack around the world -> checked although it was actually travelling with "kopor" instead of backpack
28. Broke the law -> checked
29. See a baseball game at Yankee stadium
30. Spent a night in haunted house -> checked. nothing happened. realy.
31. Crossed Rusia on the trans-Siberian railway

crappy blog o'mine

My blog doesn't really make any sense, does it? Whenever I'd check other's blogs, their posts would make me say "wow" or "I'd never thought of that" or "that's funny". Some make really good posts and others compensate with choppy sentences with a load of images in their posts... Unfortunately my posts do not comply with these two... ok I think I just found out why I can't make proper blog posts... I just lack coherence..! nangih

Aug 14, 2008

while the time goes tick..tock...

..... I'm longing for another dive!

by the end of this month, perhaps...?? Sanghyang? Sepa? or any closer spot lah...!

I just came back from Bandulu last week, but no dive spot in there. How sad!