Aug 16, 2008


** actually i posted this couple years ago in fs. And now, i realy want to check how far i have live my life..

Have I lived life? Is it already worth dying? Hell, no! In my point of view, one would have lived life if one has:

1. Been fat once upon a time
2. Sky dived
3. Gave birth and experienced parenthood
4. Visit
Cuba and smoke Cuban's cigar
5. Tasted fame & fortune
6. Jammed with Daft Punk
7. Driven a Hummer
8. Been on stage humiliating oneself -> checked
9. Experienced Whale watching in
san juan
10. Joined gay parade is
San Francisco -> checked
11. Played in forrest and fire during childhood -> checked
12. Scuba dived in sea garden -> checked checked checked!
13. Sacrified for someone, somebody, anything
14. Party hard in
Mexico with Tequila and nachos for free
15. Been madly in love -> checked
16. Joined greenpeace and sailed for 5 months with the member
17. Volunteered in Refugee camp
18. Been in front of Ka'bah -> checked
19. Kicked my Boss's ass -> checked
20. owned my own business
21. Drunk in
22. Consumed somthing one won't normally do
23. Been contributing to my parents’ retirement plan
24. Been heartbroken -> checked
25. Went to Hainut-Belgium and found out who all my relativs are
26. Hospitalized for atleast 3 days -> checked
27. Backpack around the world -> checked although it was actually travelling with "kopor" instead of backpack
28. Broke the law -> checked
29. See a baseball game at Yankee stadium
30. Spent a night in haunted house -> checked. nothing happened. realy.
31. Crossed Rusia on the trans-Siberian railway

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