May 7, 2008

Divers VS Banci Kamera

Sorry folks.. buat sementara, update foto2 diving dulu. Abis maleeees banget mau post tentang dive trip kemaren. I am now in a drop condition.. butuh bed rest for about 3 days. Ntar kalo udah terkumpul niat dan semangat deh yaaa....

These are some from our dive trip pics. Enjoy it kenyit

On the way to Bengil point, Padang bai - Bali, May 3, 08. Our 2nd dive that day.
Up in the surface the weather was fcukin hot, but once we hit 15-20m, the current was quite strong, and visibility dropped into 10meters, but it wasn't enough to be a hazard. Soft coral-nya keren abis.. Never seen that before!

Padang Bai-Bali, May 3, 08. Aboard to Pura Jepun point.. Notice me with the yellow towel around my head. Panaaaaas gila!! After this dive, i got a seasick for the first time.. Antara mau muntah, mual dan pusing banget, so i decided to get a rest during our surface interval, back at the dive operator.

night dive preparation at scuba seraya resort, Tulamben - East Bali, May 1, 08. This picture was taken around 6.05pm Bali local time.. right before Adzan Magrib bergema. Ohh.. we saw a group of dolphins swimming back to the east... just about 300m from our resort.. What an amazing sight!
Dive location: House of artificial reef.

"the banci cameras"... L to R: Dina, bang anton, mas dede, freddy, chris, bli bodo (our local guide), clemens, barry, yasmine and me. Picture taken by mas Anung.
This was
Our first dive at that day, 10.15am local time.. and we all were sooo darky-tanned a.k.a hitam gosong, keculai clemmens mukanya merah banegt udah kaya kepiting rebus, hihihi!
Dive point: Pura Jepun point- Padang Bai, East Bali. At first, i thought the water temperature was warm enough, but unfortunetaly, i was soooo wrong. Airnya dingin abis dan ombak di permukaan kenceng banget! Cukup membuat gw menelan air laut dengan sukses ketika surface nunggu boat dateng ngejemput... Next time, i should bring my snorkel with me!

the complete team of "geng hura-hura"
L to R: mas
dede, mas anung, dina, bang anton, yasmine, clemmens, me, barry, freddy... Minus our local giude, Bli wayan and bli bodo.
This pic was taken when we arrived at Scuba
Seraya Resort, Tulamben - East Bali, just before our first dive at 11.10am local time.
I love this resort.. a good price with a good architecture and specially with a good companion around me.. So worthed! Who could ask for anything more..?

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Anonymous said...

pantesan blm update2,..
lagi jadi putri duyung dia ternyata,..

Miss de Saire said...

iya bay.. udah jadi manusia ikan aku skg. lebih banyak dilaut drpd di darat, wakakakaka..