Jul 18, 2008

Lembeh Anyone??

Wow, friday already!!!
My posts are getting less and less I know. Only 1 post in a month, or 2 if you get lucky jelir

Anyway.. I'm going to Lembeh and Bunaken (Manado) for another dive trip this August... and the ticket has been booked! Thank's to Dina , the owner of Batavia Air (who happens to be my dive buddy) for giving me special rate on airline ticket sembah

Wooohooo.. just can't wait to see what lies beneath Lembeh! Another sensations are waiting down there celebrate

2 lullabies from others:

NZ said...

gile dive trip terusss... i'm green with envy nih haha

Miss de Saire said...

ayoo dong ikutan kalo gitu! katanya mo ambil nitrox for longer dive bareng2 =))