Mar 25, 2008

Just a Quick Mumbo Jumbo

Prologue: I warn you to not read this mumbo jumbotakbole.. You might end up wasting your time.

I miss my BF… I totally am missing himnangih...
He is now miles away for business trip, traveling to ‘hutan rimba’ for site visit. I don’t see the point for him doing this “site visit” unless you are on banking industry, working as a credit analyst or the one who’s in charge on appraisal report for the mortgage/Hak Tanggungan thingy. But a LAWYER?? Doing the site visit?? What the hell for man fikir ??? Just convince your client with a lil’ bla bla bla, draft some contracts, and do the signing!
No need to waste your time flies miles away just to see “hutan-hutan sawit” , yop! Huh! Watta stupid boss with idiot client he got there! That only makes us more apart…! And I can tell you, I hate when me and him apart for DAYS!ketukmeje

Ok enough cursing those stupid clients! I’ve done writing here..
and I have more important thing to do: complaining the unfinished work!


This post sucktanduk

And I did warn you.

Ps: BF just text me a couple minutes ago, complaining how he hate this hutan rimba trip (with wrong shoes), hate being apart from me, and the most important thing; he missing me so much! Well, I must say that my BF has successfully change my mood from gloomy become “senyum-senyum sedikit”... awwwwe isn't he sweet...? love

Ik erg missen je schats.. Met groot “HEEL ERG”.

2 lullabies from others:

Ingerosalina said...

Deuu,...yang dimabuk cinta...! Suit...suit...!

Miss de Saire said...

ehm..ehmm... prikitiw!
hahaha..."dimabuk cinta".. mba Inge bahasanya yahud bgt cing!