Mar 25, 2008

No Pok.. No Pok..

about a year ago....

Where : my cubical, 7th floor-Citibank Tower, Plaza Bapindo
Who : Me & Donny vs My Indian Boss
When : 1pm - after lunch time

Me and Donny : *watching video on youtube, giggling and start laughing like a mad cow*

My ex Indian boss : "Hey.. what are you guys laughing about?" *walking about 5m toward my desk*

Me : "eerr... nothing.. ehm.. just watch some videos on youtube. Nothing really funny.." *stupid answer*

Donny: *panic-with lower voice* "close the window.. hurry..close the window now..!"

... but it was too late. My Indian boss was right infront of my PC

My Indian boss: "ooh this is mad funny!! i've watched this couple days ago.." *then laughing his ass off*

Me and Donny : "pfffff...."

Here's the reason why we were so panic:

Actually this vid is funny.
But also can be COMPLETELY UNSUITABLE to some sensitive wathcers.. Ofcourse, to some races too; (Singaporean: for the lame "singlish" and Indian for the..the.. The sake of anger and frustration Indian in this vid)

And we are sorry for being a simple-minded back then...

5 lullabies from others:

THINKERBELLE said... dah pernah dpt ini by email, mlh di awalnya ada poto RK House itu sblm recordingnya mulai. N it's still damn funny walopun gw dah dengerin berkali2, kali ini pun gw masi ngakak2 dengernya, trutama klo denger jeritan si India itu NO POK NO POK I TELL YOU ARRRHHHH...
thx for posting it ;)

Miss de Saire said...

iya ini emang gila dan lucu bgt! cuma pas gw pertama kali ngeliat, wrong time aja kayanya... secara ex-boss gw itu 100% india...
kebayangkan paniknya kita...hahahahaha!

Silvianty said...

Wakakakakaka.....jelek kali cara bilang No Pok nya....WAKAKAKAKAKAKAK asli aku ngakak kali dengarin ini. No pok No pok.....Wakaakakakakkaak.....issshhh Singlish abezzzz....Wakakaakakaka.

Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahaha. tat's how singaporean talk lor...

gue aja kalo dengerin ah beng / ah liang atau mamak2 ngomong singlish sampe sekarang masih perlu mikir dulu, hahahaha. untung di tempat gawe gue sih nggak ngurusin retail customer, cuma internal user, hahaha.

Miss de Saire said...

@ Silvi:
iya ciiip.. kocak ya..apalagi denger si india menjadi gila gara2 babi hahahaha....!

@ Yogie:
you are about right, or should i say, lame singaporean?? huehuehue..
Well, not all s'porean talk like that, tapi teteuuuup gw kalo berurusan dgn Singaporean pasti aja harus 'ask for repeating'... entah gw yg bego, ato singlish mereka yg kacau bgt ;p