Mar 6, 2008

Going Dive Trip This March Everyone?

Just received a phone call from my sister, our dive instructor, Mas Meang, offering 5 days dive trip to Bali (Tulamben and Menjangan, and maybe Nusa Penida with its Manta ray point!!) which will be held on 19-23 March by some dive masters. I think it'll be good to go travel, and of course have a safe-fun-dive during that days instead of doing nothing in this bloody Jakarta! March 20 (thursday) is a public holiday, a birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, and 21 is Good Friday, a public holiday as well. Wooo-hooo... 2 free days in a week!

Anyway, i heard that Nusa Penida has a dynamic environment that constantly changes and moves. It can be warm, calm and tranquil, or cold, angry and powfull.. its moods have a direct influence on diving! Another thing is, Nusa Penida is the coolest salt water dive spot in Indonesia, its about 24-27Celcius, which can make your body loss its heat, and leads to hypothermia... (amit-amit ya Tuhan jangan sampe!). But the good news is: this is one of Manta Rays camp!! Anway.. this dive trip aslo plans for "night dive", means more cold water i have to deal.. I never had night dive before, and i'm longing for this one... *man..i'm dead meat!*

*kolom night dive di log book saya yang masih kosong..hiks*

Ok.. should start packing now! I'm soooo bad at packing...! Bleh! I think i need to buy the new mask before doing this dive trip. My old one didn't fits me properly, it doesn't have a comfortable skirt and good seal! Everytime i descend, the pressure will caused floods onto my mask.. thus, i have to do the clearing every 5 minutes, followed to equalize a lot! Moreover, i don't think that my mask have a nive-lovely-cool design (hehehe... dasar! mencari excuse dan pembenaran untuk beli yang baru!). I need something like this: Low Profile Mask (the lower the profile of the mask, the less air you need to equalize and to clear if it floods).. Plus, it gives you a wider vision field too..

i wonder if they have the pink color... hihihihi ...

*my poor old yellow mask*

5 lullabies from others:

Anonymous said...

nyelaaamm terrrruuusssssssss

mada kau ni sor,..

ntar jadi putri duyung kau,..

Miss de Saire said...

Mau ikut bay? tapi ntar aku ke laut, kau diving kolam bebek aja..nanti tenggelam pula kau! Hahaha..!

Kau yang mada!

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Silvianty said...

Aku pernah liat mask untuk diving warna pinky...bermotif gitu..trus motifnya matching ama baju & glove nya...sampe tabung oksigennya...deuuuu fancy abezzzz....!!!! harganya bikin ngga makan setahun wakakakakaka.

Miss de Saire said...

embeeeer..biayanya suka ga masuk akal.. belum lagi di indonesia mereka pasang harga USD buat gear2nya... setaaaaaan semuaaaaa!!
maka itu cukup punya fin-mask-snorkel-wetsuit saja. sisanya...?? Sewaaaa! hahaha