Mar 14, 2008

Just a fact; Modern Colonialism

Have you read/ever think about what's behind the death of two president Panama and Equador?? or World's biggest conspiracy?? Let me share to you some facts... President of Panama, Omar Torrijos, and The President of Equador Jaime Roldos, both died in fiery crashes. Their deaths were not accidental. They were assassinated because they opposed that fraternity of corporate, govenrment, and banking heads whose goal is global empire (US Politician member). The Economic Hitman failed to bring Roldos and Torrijos around, then CIA (the other type of hitman) stepped in and take control....
BANG! and those 2 presidents are gone......

You see... those old and current world events: the U.S Invasion of Panama in 1989, Gulf War, Somalia, the rise of Osama Bin Laden, and modern colonialism in Iraq, well, it's all an organized conspiracy to take control this world, especially in oil exploitation. They spent over US$ 87 billion conducting a war in Iraq while United Nation estimates that less than half that amount could provide clean water, adequates diets, sanitation services and basic education to every person on the planet!

Now you still called them the superb??!

If you are interesting enough about US conspiray, read Confession Of An Economic Hitman. You might surprise as i do when reached chapter three: Indonesia can be a powerfull ally to US in oil exploitation!
Another good book: House of Bush - House of Saud by Craig Unger, and Stupid White Man by Michael Moore (ooh i looove all Moore's books!)

This is a modern colonialims: Invasion to Iraq and middle east by US.
Then steal their oil...

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Silvianty said...

Iya kak...tapi masih banyak aja orang Cinta banget ama Amerika hehehe...gosh...don't they realize that the world isn't for america anymore...!!!

Miss de Saire said...

Huehuehue beneeer! semoga aja WNI yang selalu membangga2kan US dan menjelek2an Indonesia bisa terbuka matanya.. WNI yg sperti itu = kacang lupa kulit.
freakin' ignorant!

Ingerosalina said...

Dari dulu aku sebelum perang irak ataupun isu teroris aku udah rada anti amerika. Ini juga akibat radio propaganda dari misua alias suami. Dia Japan Oriented. Jadi lama-lama aku pun ikutan jadi Japan Oriented. Let's proud being Asian specialy Indonesian

Miss de Saire said...

agreed mba inge, let's proud being Asia especially Indonesia!! Itu WNI2 yg selalu membanding2kan US dengan INA, ga nyadar nenek moyangnya susah payah berjuang mati2an untuk merdeka ;)

Anonymous said...

Betul! Hidup nasionalisme!!!! Untungnya di sini kita2 masih pada cinta Indonesia (and the feeling keeps on growing), walaupun kadang jengkel sama pemerintah dan oknum2 lainnya.

Tapi anehnya pemerintah kita malah mau beli F16 lagi dari US??? Nggak nyadar dari pengalaman embargo apa ya? Dasar bodoh nih anggota hewan yg terhormat itu.

"This is modern colonialims: Invention to Iraq and middle east by US.
Then steal their oil..."

harusnya (liat yg di dalam kurung):
""This is modern colonialism: [Invasion] to Iraq and middle east by US.
Then steal their oil..."

Miss de Saire said...

hihihi.. i didn't notice bad.. =)
thanks for the correction, pak..

Yeaah damn US!
Go Indonesia!