Mar 24, 2008

I'm Losing My Credibility on Blogging.. So I'll Do This Quick Trivia Instead

Got this meme from FS. Instead of doing it on FS which has a very very limited character, i'd like to answering this stupid meme, here on my uninspiring blog, thank you.
Now read this.

I’m passionate about:
* Whales
* Diving
* Whales
* Diving
* My boyfriend
* Stupid sarcastic parody works; books, movies, websites (specially on stupid-white-politic)
* unhealthy-high risk-colesterol junk food
* Johnny from D'sound
* Super duper nice hairdo
* Smoke pot (??) ..just kidding!

Mostly I say:
* eh? really?
* D'oh
* ezel! (that means "donkey" in Dutch)
* watta f...! (just the "F", without finished the rest..)
* p%^&#k
* hey sis... (yeaa everytime i make conversation with her, it usually start like that)

I've just finished reading...

* Barry Trotter and the unnecessary sequel (this parody of Harry Potter is goddamn hilarious!)
* Kambingjantan
* Merdi's final assigment (he's got the brain, and i'm the editor)

Before I die, I want to...
* Scuba dive around the world
* Experienced on delivering baby

I love listening to:
* D'sound
* Merdi's voice
* my ancesstor's story
* story teller

What my friends like about me:
* the "never-ikut-campur" attitude of mine
* my boy-ish side.. (yeah my high school buddies think i'm a boy)
* i'm wacky!

Last year I've learned...
* scuba dive
* Life's a bitch.. you've got to go out and kick some ass
* ikhlas..syukur..sabar.. more ikhlas...

I'm not going to tag you, you and you. Anyone (religious, or not, whatever) is welcome to do the meme...

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