Jul 16, 2009

Therapy For Mental Healing

I realy realy need to be 30m under surface. Yes indeed, I need that to release all sorrows and the sadness inside me. Some says I'm the master of disguise, but the truth, I'm fragile inside.

Everytime I wake up in the morning, I wish it was just a bad dream. I wish someone will pinch me or something, so that I could be back in some other time, waking up from 7 months ago.

But I couldn't...

I'm still in denial because I refuse the fact that he is now no longer with us.

So wake up soraya!
This is the fact that you've to face! This is the real world. The real world that covered with illusion. Everything in this world are only illusion. The world is real but the life itself is illusion. And temporary. And that's the concept from The Almighty.

I need to be in the magical underwater world, doing nothing, just 'hovering', so I can use my head and think clearly.
Or, maybe accompanied by thousands of schooling jacks circling their life like big tornado.

....Or, maybe visitng my old pal in the octopus garden. They'd always let me in (just like Ringo Star once said).

*sigh* I know I should stop mourning. So i guess today I will start count my blessings, my parent's, my sister's and ofcourse my husband's. I'm not going to wait 'till it's too late. Because it takes devastating news to shake us out from our zombie reverie as we trudge trhough life...

*still in the mourn mode for the loss of my beloved father in law*

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