Jul 6, 2009

Not A Good Start For July

it's been a yonk since my last post. pardon for my hiatus, folks. i was down with this....what do you called... hmmm paratyphus?? yes, typhus. The fever started from monday. I was in the office doing the same-boring-regular-thing, revewing this reveiwing that, when suddenly i felt cold and very very dizy. So, at 5pm i went straight home, asked my maid to made me some soup with meatballs and buy medicine for fever. After that i went straight to the bed because i no longer can stand the heache.

unfortunetally, the next morning, the fever was getting worst. i checked the termometer and it said 39 celcius. all of my body was aching and the head.. oh the horror one... i can't even feel my head. it felt soo numb. it's like the whole body is going to berserk!
So i asked my hubby to drive me to the hospital, so i can get a painkiller injection or whatsoever as long as i dont have to feel the pain.

And guess what, this STUPID hospital with its STUPID DOCTOR said i got infection on my throat, that's why the fever seems lingering around my body. she refuse to gave me the pain killer and instead of gave me temporary medicine to reduce the fever, she just made me lying on the emergency bed. BAH! I once again told this stupid doctor to gave me painkiller because i can not stand the pain more longer and still, she said there's no reason to give me that.

FYI ini another rumah sakit berembel2 "INTERNASIONAL" yah! tapi pelayanannya S-U-C-K!

After almost 3 hours lying in the emergency room and having the medicine which the doctor FINALY gave me, the pain was not getting even better.

So my hubby decided to transfer me to this BUMN hospital-but-HAVE-A-VERY-GOOD-SERVICE, RS PELNI in Petamburan.
the doctor checked everything on me immediately and done the right action, including blood test, liver test, rontgent, etc etc and the result, i was positive with this paratyphus!

Finally, doctor said i have to stay at the hospital at least for about 3 days so they can give me the right medicine to cure my fever and pain.

So there, i was hospitalized for about 5 days handled with a very very good doctor and a good team of nurses.

Thank you very much indeed team!

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