Jul 20, 2009

Sunday Random Picture

I was browsing random picture folder from my laptop, when i found this one!


The picture was taken from 1999. Yep, it's been 10 years ago! If you notice, I was (too) skinny back than... so I guess I was 10kilos lighter comparing today! Crap!

We took pictures using tripot since none of us "rela menjadi" the photographer. The location was at "Sibayak Golf field", very close to my house. 100m from my back yard to be exact. If you think we enter the golf field legally (i mean, by purchased the tickects), you are sooo WRONG! We sneaked out, jumped off the not-so-high-gate, and walked around the field to find a good spot, as if nothing happened and we were all legal golf player. Har har! But hey, i was a good golf player. I used to play golf with daddy.. not only play in the driving range, but 18 holes game!

So i guess, this was one of many places where particular dodgy adolescence goin' ons during my living years in Duri. Ooh i sooo need to visit this old town very soon. I miss those oil fields view with its "pompa minyak angguk2". Kota minyak nan bertuah...

ps: anyone dare to play 18 holes game? i realy need sparring partner in Jakarta =))

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