Jul 20, 2009

Every Day - To Do

I'm the normalest person in the world. My daily life is soooo normal, (or maybe a boring daily life??)
So here's what i do everyday... i mean every working days:

* wake up at 6am or sometimes 6.15am, take a hot shower, brush my teeth and blow straight my hair. Pardon for my super duper messy curly hair :p

* 7.15 am, have a sip of hot tea. No, I never prepare the tea by my self. I'm too lazy to do that every morning, thus, the maid of our house serve hot the on the dining table. But I DO serve hot tea for my hubby on weekend =)

* 7.20am go straight to the office. Put make up on the car while hubby driving :p

*8.20 - 9.00am check emails. Read some news from detik.com, kompas.com or sometimes celebrities "ga penting" rumours (manohara lagi manohara lagi.. cape dee..), having breakfast and (again) tea at my desk

* 9.15am-5.30pm, working..working..working. Revewing this, analyze this, drafting legal contract, negotiation with third parties/users, dealing with legal matters, etc etc

*5.30pm, going straight to home with hubby. Sometimes find a good food for dinner

*8.00 - 9.30pm, dinner, have a quality time with family, watch tv/dvd, play with Karro & Morris, our siberian husky dogs

*9.30-11.00pm, go online, read a few pages of a book

*11.00pm bed time story with hubby

4 lullabies from others:


you have siberian huskies??
oh i so envy youuuu... :((

Miss de Saire said...

Yep, 2 of them! :))
Karro has blue eyes and gray-white fur, while morris is a solid black-white husky.
Tapi nakalnya yaolooooh....:P


pengen bgt deh punya anjing :(
tp ga punya rumah sndiri...repot jg...apalagi klo ga ada pembantu drumah smentara gw nya kerja...kasian anjingnya ga ada temen maen....

Miss de Saire said...

kalo mau punya husky, siap2 butuh rumah dengan halaman gede bu... ;P