Jun 1, 2009

When Time Has Become Oh So Fleeting!

It's june already. ALREADY! Gee..where the hell the weeks go? Aaaaah, that's right, i've been caught up in my "autisme" world where everything is due tommorrow.


It's been arough week. My father in law is still in the hospital. But thankful, mentally he is in good condition. I have to come visit him everyday and husband also needs support from me. Daddy said i have to accompany him every second and give the best to my husband. I hope everything's gonna be alright.

Another thing is, job in office is keep coming. Everytime I finish one task, another 3 lands on my table. And they are all due tommorrow. E-mails also keep coming in, and it's marked URGENT. Pheew!

I have no time to hit the gym. Gee, no wonder these 5kilos seems to be lingering around my body!

i know, i know... i should stop complaining and whining like babies


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