Jun 11, 2009

Our Future Baby Name

hooooo i'm sooooo not gonna tell you, since you guys might steal my ideas!! Mehehe...

well, okay.. maybe i'll share a lil. Just a little. That's the purpose why i write this post, right?

Anyway, after long chat with my husband in the past 5 months, we decided to name our future baby(ies) :

1. Will contain at least 3 part: first - middle name - (merdi's) surename; Murti.

2. a non arabic name. I'm not into arabian name's fan, which everybody do nowdays. I mean, c'mon.. why should use arabic's while you can choose many many many beautiful yet meaningful indonesian (sanskrit) name.

3. We're going to name it after my dad's. The basic consideration was, this kid will have Merdi's surename, so, i have to say goodbye to "de Saire". After having quick bergain, we decided that if if a he, we'll name him Alexander, and (either) Alexis or Alexandra for a girl. My fave one is Alexis, but Merdi said there is this one "cafe remang-remang" in Ancol named Alexis and it's kinda popular among his highscool buddies. We'll see....

4. I'm more into western name. Someone told me maybe because i'm half caucasian :P My kind of option would be (before merdi's approval):
- chloe --> origin: greek. meaning: blooming.
-maddison --> origin: old english. meaning: the son of mighty warrior
-Kaleila --> origin: they said it's arabic, but well at least it doesnt sound like one! meaning: the beloved.
-Marguarite --> origin: dutch! ha ha it runs in the family!!
- collin: merdi said reminds him of the bad boy; collin farrel. meh!
- can't think of any...

5. While merdi is more into japanese name. hmmm... i dont think western and japanse will make a good combination.

Guess me and merdi have to "sering buka buku bayi" to get more ideas! And ooh... I never thought that to find a perfect baby's name can be sooo depressing... Oh well!

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