Jun 6, 2009

Our Milestone

Our milestone were marked with things bellow:

#1. June 2002
This was when we first met. I remember this definetely! After long chat on phone, few days later, he finally introduced him self to me by shaking hands! har har! A couple days later, we had our first date, ice cream @ piza cafe, followed with "makan martabak" in UNPAR's wind tunnel.

#2. Augustus 2003
His last day in bandung. He had to go back to Jakarta, while another semester has just begun for me. He asked for a goodbye hug. At first i thought just a simple hug as a bestfriend. Turned out, he hugged me so damn tight and it last for about 3 minutes. That moment, he (and me) knew that we were fallin in love and were gonna miss each other. I still remember when he said: i'm gonna miss you, take care your self...

#3. March 2004
He came to Bandung. Later that night, he whispered on my ears: I love you... That was the first time he said such thing to me. I was pretty shocked, but happy at the same time.
I slept with smile that night.

#4. July 2004
He invited me to parent's house, and introduced me to his mom. I was quite nervous...
His mom was so kind to me. She asked me to sleep over at her house.
After he walked me home, he update me with good news: mom likes you..

#5. August 2004
The day he fell in love with me.. deeply in love.. And so do I... =) He came to visit me in Bandung and we had a long chat that night. *thankyou for that day, schats*. A day later, we walked to our campus as a couple..

#6. February 2005
I still remember accurately when he said: my hearts wants you. i need you. I love you not by head. Than he asked me to have our offical "tanggal jadian". It was 14 february, 12.25am, a valentine's eve.

#7. February 2008
Three years after serious dating and long discussions about marriage and future, he asked me to marry him. he proposed me on our dinner date. I hugged him and replied "I do!"
I was so happy that night! He was so happy that night!

#8. May 2008
His family came to my parent's house for "Lamaran"...

#9. December 13, 2008
officially husband and wife!
The night before our wedding day he asked me to meet him at the loby hotel where our wedding was held. I told him that it was a bad idea.. To see you bride before the weeding brings bad luck. But i guess the groom-to-be was missing his bride-to-be oh so much. Thus, he asked the parents whether he can visit my room that night, and i remember his dad said: no way jose!! You supposed to be in bed now! har har.. poor baby =)

And tonight, at the ICU room, he hugged and whispered at me... thank God i have you in my life.. i love my wife so much...
And i'm smiling while writing this post.

So, here we are now.... our love to each other grows every second...every minutes...every hour...every day.. and hopefully will last forever.

Thank you schats, for every little step you made...

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