Jun 15, 2009

Dear You

Hey you!
Yes, i'm talking to you...!
I know you've been following my blog (c'mon don't be so GAPTEK; i can trace your ip address and even more, your browser, your proxy and your exact location through internet!).

And if you feel "sakit hati" after reading my post, hey it's not my fault! This is my space where i can write anything i want especially about my life (yes including my past, my exes or even your ex boyfriend who was ceating on you!).

So anyway, to avoid more "sakit hati" after found out what happened on my previous life, DON'T READ MY BLOG. Trust me. I'm telling the truth.

the owner of this blog

2 lullabies from others:

Ingerosalina said...

Soraya banget!!!!
Brave and Beautiful.. :D

Miss de Saire said...

hihihi ada yang stalking my blog nih mba.. untung semuanya bisa di trace lewat internet juga :))