Dec 11, 2007

More Short Updates

kinda sleepy, mentally tired, watery eyes, and getting hungry.. BAH!! Bad combination isnt' it?? Blame to this fever and cold!
And yes, miss Minogue was right about this fever thing, except this time i have my own opinion:
Fever sure has got me bad! What you do when fever takes hold?? I can't help but need this drug...Don't you feel the fever like I do.... (do you guys know what i'm trying to say here??)

I think, i'm going to be a "jompo" woman now... sakit-sakitan everyday! Wait, i just realize onething; i think i'm running out of tomorrows and i live in too many yesterdays. And yes, i'm not getting any younger! Thats why i am soon to be a jompo woman!! What the hell is wrong with me???

.... till the next episode readers!

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