Oct 24, 2009

I'm Still Alive,Well and Kicking!

Hello World! I realy have to apologize for not updating my blog for billion years.. first and foremost it's becoz i'm having a terrible morning sickness which i assumed "morning sickness"stands for "24 hours sickness". Yeah, no kidding! And I have no idea how to cure this sickness thingy. And secondly, I am kinda into online games.... *what a lousy mom-to-be, huh?*

Anywaaay.... here I am. Still alive, well and kicking.. maybe a little bit more chubbier than before because of this 3rd month pregancy

I will try to update some stories or even pictures of my baby..uhm i mean fetus!

So i guess Adios amigos for now!!

ps: oooh suddenly i'm craving for chimichanga with guacamole and salsa verde... and it's 11pm.. and it's NOT funny!

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