Oct 27, 2009

Here Comes The Bad News!

No, no one's dying, or die or dead.
But I realy have to face this bad news:

My sister and a couple of my dive buddies are going to Menjangan island (Bali) this november for another dive trip! While for me, no dive trip at least for the next 1,5 years or so.. *sigh*
It's menjangan island for God sake!! MENJANGAN! The best place to find big dogs swim!

What should I do without diving in the next 1,5 years?
Will I survive??

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4 lullabies from others:


dun worry...
soon, you'll be diving too...in piles of diapers and baby clothes hehehehe...
peace...peace... :P

Miss de Saire said...

hahaha yeah....there goes my social life!

Anonymous said...

OOOh , poor girl, wath a bad news.
Take a gold fish, or guppies!!!!Haha.

Miss de Saire said...

@oom Fedde: yes, I'm thinking to have a giant aquarium on my house! Ha ha ha :))