Jan 20, 2011

2011 Already??

First and foremost, Happy 2011 folks! How did you guys start the new year? I've spent the past couple of hours playing with baby Tristan until he slept 30minutes before 2011. An amazing way to kill the time before watching fireworks!

Anyway, my bad for not updating my blog. the only reason is because i'm too lazy!

Anyhoo, just like my previous post about new year's resolution, i think i'm gonna made 2 resolution this year and sticking to it.

1. cook better. i don't want to raise a family that feeds on MSG-Sasa-Ajinomoto thingies or instant noodles. so yeah i need and must learn how to cook properly and start enjoying my self in the kitchen.

2. Dive more. yes dive dive and dive. some of you might be boring to hear my dive story. but hey, that my life! Diving has never left me disappointed and the experience of dive is PRICELESS!

There. my two 2011 resolution. if you said: "how bout become a good mom/wife?". Well, for me, it's not a new year resolution. It's a MUST. a life time resolution.

Dear 2011, 2010 has been challenging, I've never asked for much and have been quite grateful for the way life has panned for me but please, please, please let this year be a successful year in all areas. Cheers =)

1 lullabies from others:

Anonymous said...

geen nieuws, goed nieuws???? I mis your lullaby's.