Jun 8, 2010

Gone Too Long From the Ocean

Last saturday night,

Got into the water and settled to the bottom looking up through my mask and taking long slow breath through my regulator. I stared ap at the water surface for a few moments. Saw my first sunfish up close at 60feet under, I was amazed. Then the reality came back to me, that I was in my bed, and my dive buddy is my 4 weeks baby boy beside me... Just a random dream *sigh*. It's been more than 1 year since my last dive.

Well, no diving for me for a while (at least until the next 6 months) considering that we are now having baby Tristan and I'm a breastfeeding mom. But the up side is that I (we) are having more diver!!! (read new baby, new person, the-soon-to-be-a-diver in the next 15 years from now).

Can't wait to wear my 3mm yellow wetsuit and jump to the blue ocean....

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