Dec 18, 2009

First Anniversary

13 december 2009 was our first year anniversary. And it was one of a great lazy sunday we ever had! Time really does fly! It felt like yesterday, and i still remember when i was so busy preparing our wedding ceremony, although it didn't make me turned to be the bridezilla, thank God! I have never been married before and I have no clue how it really feel until I am actually married.

Turned out, marriage life is not as scary as i thought! as the matter of fact, it feels sooo good to have someone you love, someone who loves and adores you be with you every night. It's good to see him walking around the house everyday.

Anyway, we didn't plan anything for our first anniversary. No candle light dinner nor romantic getaway. I was too tired because of this 5th months pregnancy and he was too busy preparing Aikido event for next week. But somehow, we managed to enjoy our first anniversary in our own way.

The night before our anniversary, he asked me to have (early) morning walk on the beach (yeah, to Ancol, wherelese you think?) to get fresh air, and i said, okay as long as i don't have to set my alarm on 5am. He was trying to make me happy to see the ocean again, since i can't go dive in the near future and it hasn't been easy for me to accept it (well, maybe later after the baby born). But plan was just a plan. Because turned out, we woke up at 9am and first thing we did is can't stop laughing our self for that stupid 5am beach walking plan!

So what we did that day was having a quick tea time, went outside for brunch, had an "es cendol date", chit chat about this and that and straight went back home because he had a class and i need to do some clothes shopping.

Later that night, he asked me to go out for a burger date. He knows how i LOVE good burgers and i know he was trying to make me happy (again) in our day. No need to splurge me with romantic dinner, no need to put blink blink stuff on my finger. Thank you schatje. Thanks for everything you've gave in the past 1 year.

Here's the reason to love him twenty four-seven:

# Because he makes me laugh till my sides ache.

# Because with him, there's always a way.

# Because he's so damn patient with me.

# Because I can't stay mad at him for long.

# Because he reminds me to drink more water and eat my medicine every time i get sick.

# Because he'll watch girly movies with me.

# Because he knows I can be unreasonably jealous.

# Because even when he's jealous, he's still a gentleman.
# Because he continues to surprise me.

# Because I feel safe with him.

# Because he's so good at picking out clothes for me, even now, with my 5months-pregnancy.

# Because he pushes me to get off my lazy ass and try new things.

# Because he reminds me it's about us and no one else.
# Because he shower me with kisses everyday.
# Because he kiss the baby every morning and night.
# Because I couldn't ask for more.....

Happy anniversary schats! Lovin you lots and lots...!

3 lullabies from others:

Ingerosalina said...

Happy anniversary dear,..

Miss de Saire said...

thankyou mba inge...
toasternya kepake banget looh ^_^

Ingerosalina said...

hahahha,..syukurlah,...memberi manfo'at, xixixixi....