Nov 28, 2009

Gadgets To Die For

I don't think I'm talking in same the page with others when talking about cool gadgets (who usually will choose* latest version of the-sleek-and-sexy-Macbook Pro, or latest version of Canon camera, or Storm BB/Iphone/, or even cool WD HD TV), as they favorite. My kind of cool gadgets are a bit different.

Speaking about gadgets, my interest is only for Dive Gadgets!
For me, an expensive dive gear can be a good investment too! Of course i love Macbook or HD TV with home theater set, and i don't mind if someday my husband buy them for us. But with my own money, i rather buy cool dive computer or the latest Scuba Pro wetsuit instead of Macbook. Besides, i already have my Vaio, so what's the point to buy the latest version laptop?

So, here's my fave random gadgets which i die to buy - but due to the lack of money (at the mean time), i only can dream to have them..

# OCEANIC DIVE COMPUTER (can be used as daily watch as well)
It got everything in one package! Price: USD 1669

very light with air turbo system.. Once i used this regulator on 30m depth and non can beat this regulator! Price: USD 400 (regulator only - exclude octopus)

Really need to work my ass very hard for these toys, huh!

4 lullabies from others:


gw sih ga cm pengen netbook aja ato mininotebooknya HP...hehehe...
i dont even want a BB :))

Anonymous said...

a nice "klokkie"' How much euro's?Fedde

Miss de Saire said...

@linda, mini notebook HP oke tuh..mertua gw kmaren beli, cocok buat cewe =))

Miss de Saire said...

@oom Fedde: uhm...i dont know oom, but i surely need to work hard and save money for it ;P