Aug 5, 2009

Se7en Things I've Learnt In 72Hours

1. I'm not very happy with some people right now.
2. I need to stop being nice about some things and with some people, especially in the office.
3. I truly, really, desperately, need a break.
4. The past 2 months has zipped by quicker than I could possibly imagine. It was like God has made my life on fast-forward. Very FAST.
5. Marriage life isn't as scary as i thought.
6. I seriously need to start saving my "amal ibadah" for future life.
7. I need to really consider important decisions which I need to make.

All and all, it's been a rough week for me :(

"when youre down and out, when youre on the street, when evening falls so hard, I will comfort you. Ill take your part when darkness comes and pains is all around..."
*bridge over trouble water - by Simon & Garfunkel*
I = God

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