Nov 21, 2007

Thinking is Rehearsing

Thinking is rehearsing in fantasy for the role you have to play in society. And when it comes to performance, and you're not sure whether your performance will be well received, then you get stage fright.

This stage fright has been given by psychiatry: anxiety. "What will i have to say on examination? "what will i say to my lecturer?" You meet a boy and think "what will i have to wear to impress him?" And so on. All this is rehearsing for the role you play. We manipulate the enviroment by being helpless, by staying stupid, asking questions, wheedling flattering, where the result is that we come to the sticking point or impasse.

In neorosis ap part of our personality or of our potential is not available. "Awareness continuum", "discovering" and "becoming" fully aware of each actual experience. If you can't stay with this, you will soon come across some experience that is unpleasant, this critical moment, is the frequent interuruption of whether we experience in now. This interruption of awareness continuum prevents maturation, prevents therapy from becoming successful, prevents marriage from becoming richer and deeper, and prevents inner conflicts from being resolved.

The impasse occurs when we can not produce our own support and when the enviromental support is not forthcoming. One person has no eyes, another no ears, another no legs to stand on, another no prespective, another no emotion. In oreder to fill these voids, which are usually experienced as boredom with life, emptiness, loneliness, we have to get trhough the impasse and through the frustrations of the impasse, which usually lead us to shortcut the frustrations and with them the whole learning process.

..i think, therefore i'm a thinker.

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